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Wine, a delicious reason for traveling

October 25, 2013 | in News, Tourism

The wine tourism finds in the Cuyo region and in particularly Mendoza, one of the most favorable sites under the sun to make a tour of large and small wineries, tasting some of the best varietals and blends that may be found today.

The circuits, called Wine Routes have been strongly developed during the last decade, encompassing regions around the city of Mendoza and its surroundings.

Icon of the best Argentine wine, Mendoza boasts various wine oases and actually it is one of the eight cities members of the select group of the Great Wine Capitals, with Malbec varietal as the banner of the local viticulture. The most famous and visited land by wine lovers and those keen on wine tourism is the central-west region, stretching along the capital, Luján de Cuyo and Maipú, areas nourished by the Mendoza river. Near the downtown of the Mendoza city, there are centenarian wineries such as Santa Ana, Escorihuela, López, and La Rural. Moreover, people may visit the National Wine Museum of Casa Giol. Trapiche is other of the largest wineries included in this circuit.

In the gullies of the Mendoza river, visitors may find Finca Flichman, where there was a Huarpe settlement, and in Cruz de Piedra. In addition, well-known Etchart and Chandon wineries nestle at the top of the same river. In Luján de Cuyo, Norton winery stands out, as well as Cabrini, producer of the sweet Mass wines. Lagarde is also included in this region, whereas in Chacras de Coria, Alfredo Catena has established his prestigious winery. In addition, Nieto Senetiner and Domaine Vistalba are located at the foothill of The Andes, in Vistalba, Luján de Cuyo.

Eastern region

In the oasis of the east of Mendoza, irrigated by the Tunuyán river, the vineyards are spread in the districts of Junín, Rivadavia, San Martín, and Santa Rosa. Here, La Agrícola winery is a landmark. On the other hand, the southern oasis nestles in San Rafael and General Alvear, dominated by the Atuel and Diamante rivers, with the Chenin as the local leading grape. Valentín Bianchi winery is located on the access road to San Rafael, and in the vicinity, people may visit Balbi and Suter wineries. In General Alvear, Lavaque winery stands out.

Finally, the Uco Valley’s oasis, in south-west Mendoza city comprises the districts of Tupungato, Tunuyán and San Carlos. This is the region experiencing the greatest progress in the past few years and it stands out for its apples, pears, walnuts, and cherries. Some of the most important wineries in this region are: Estancia Ancón, Salentein, Lurton, Fapes and Finca La Celia.


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