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Who won and who lost in the most important markets?

July 24, 2012 by Mariano Zalazar | in Exports, News

Export rankings reveal the performance of the world’s great producers in their main destinations. It was an excellent year for the United States, a bad one for Australia and Argentina obtained acceptable results.

Last year’s global economic context was one the most vertiginous in the decade. The international crisis generated in the Unites States in 2008, caused significant repercussion on the whole world and changed the rules of the game.

Viticulture was not spared from these effects and brought along some winners and losers in the export market. In this article, taking Argentina’s main destinations as reference, WineSur presents an analysis of the changes in export rankings.

Argentina, stable in spite of domestic issues

Comparing the statistics of January, February and March 2011 to the same months in 2012, it can be observed that Argentine bottled wine shipments fell (by volume) in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, United States, Mexico, Netherlands and Switzerland, according to Trade Map. On the other hand, exports to Germany, Japan, Paraguay, United Kingdom and Sweden, increased.

In terms of value, Argentina managed to climb two positions in Denmark (9th to 7th), three in Switzerland (11th to 8th) and maintained its position in the other markets, while presenting an outstanding performance in Brazil (second position after Chile).

As regards volume, Argentina´s exports went down in three markets. In Germany, it stepped down from the 13th position to the 14th from 9th to 11th in Belgium and from 3rd to 4th in the United States. However, its position improved in Switzerland going from 7th place to the 5th.

In total, taking into account volume and value, Argentina won 4 places (this detail was obtained from adding the places achieved in value and volume, and subtracting the total amount of places lost).

USA: the great winner

The United States is the country that has made the most of the panorama of the wine world. Though it lost two positions in Germany (went from the 5th place to the 6th), Brazil (8th to 10th) and Mexico (5th to 6th), the country improved its performance in six other markets. It made progress in Paraguay, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland and Unite Kingdom. In total, adding volume and value, United States gained 16 positions.

In term of value, its performance was almost perfect. It climbed two positions in Canada, taking the second place, beating Australia and France. In Denmark it went from the 10th to the 7th position. It also won three positions in Paraguay (14th to 11th) and one in the UK (8th to 7th) and in the Netherlands (13th to 12th).

Australia, the worst in performance

Trade Map data shows that it lost its positions in most of the analyzed markets. In general terms, adding value and volume, Australia lost 9 places in a year.

As far as volume goes, Australia dropped two positions in Brazil (7th to 9th) and one in the UK (4th to 5th). It did not have a good performance in Belgium, Canada, Denmark and Switzerland, either.

With respect to value, the Australian performance was even worse, losing two positions in Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, UK, Sweden and Switzerland.

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