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Raúl Bianchi, Owner of Casa Bianchi

“We are eager to see the wines in the field; we are very excited”

August 8, 2012 by Maria Jose Merino | in Business, News

Casa Bianchi has launched into the market a new range of wines and sparkling wines under the brand name "Leo". This enterprise, based on solidarity, will destined its profits to Leo Messi Foundation.

Casa Bianchi introduced its new line of wines inspired by Argentina’s best football player at the moment: Lionel Messi. The firm presented its project named “Leo: esencia creadora” (Leo: creative essence) that collaborates with Leo Messi Foundation. Raúl Bianchi, owner of the homonymous winery, said: “We are eager to see the wines in the field; we are very excited”.

In Argentina, “Leo Malbec” and “Leo Torrontés” are available in wine shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets at ARS 33. While “Leo Malbec Premium” is priced at ARS 70 and the sparkling wine “Leo Extra Brut” at ARS 60. These products have been also released in Spain, and the company expects to launch them in other countries, too.

Establishing a relationship with Leo Messi Foundation

During the presentation of the wines, Raúl Bianchi, told the audience how the company built up a relationship with the Messi family. “I was in a meeting with my colleague Andrés Kemeny, and some distributors in New York City. There, one of them told us a story about how sales of a French cognac had increased tremendously after establishing a close collaboration with a famous rap musician. The success story was impressive.”

“Thus, we started thinking with whom our winery could do some alliance with and the name of Lionel Messi came up. In 2000, we set up the Fundación Valentin Bianchi mainly concerned with culture and music, so we thought the best approach could be via the LEO MESSI FOUNDATION. Therefore, we arranged an interview with his father, Jorge Messi who manages the Foundation. We showed up to the meeting with a project we had worked on during 3 months and fortunately Jorge was very impressed and interested as a way to generate funds for his Foundation helping children”, Raúl said, and confessed that after signing the agreement, he could not help imagining Lionel playing football in the gardens of Casa Bianchi.

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