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Vinómanos, a mobile guide to know and buy Argentine wines

November 22, 2013 | in News, Web 2.0

Free and created by three specialists of the country, it recommends drinks according to the occasion and consumers preferences.

A meal with friends or a gift to surprise a partner, are two ideal occasions to buy a wine. This is an easy decision for those who have knowledge about the drink, but for others, it may be a difficult task. By means of Vinómano, a guide of Argentine wines, consumers will be able to solve their doubts when buying a bottle anywhere, such as supermarket, wine shop, and even a restaurant.

The application was put in operation ten days ago, and for the time being, it is available in two operative systems, Android and iOS, and it will be on the web soon. Joaquín Hidalgo, journalist specializing in wine and one of the founders of Vinómonos (together with Alejandro Iglesias, sommelier, and Emiliano Rodríguez Egaña, web developer), mentioned the reasons for creating this guide: “the idea came up last year, mainly because we noticed that existing wine applications are not homogenous, as they, for example, mix reviews of a renowned winemaker with recommendations from users”. The functionality was other important point when deciding to undertake this project. “All weekends, my friends called me to ask what wine was good to try or buy in certain occasions,” explained Hidalgo.

The application works with a database including currently about five hundred wines. According to the expert, there are around 3,000 products in the Argentine market, and one of his aims is to garner 2,000 by summer. This base encompasses those wines the founders taste professionally. Afterwards, these products are assessed with a score and a description, all of which are uploaded to this virtual space. Moreover, there is a spot intended for news about launches, new vintages, and findings in the market.

When going in the application, people find four buttons: Pairing, Consumption occasion, Ranking, and Best Buy. In the first one, users may see what wine to choose for pairing with different kinds of dishes. In Consumption occasion, there are numerous options, such as to impress, for meetings, gift, and celebrations, among others. In the case of Ranking, there is a list with the best wines chosen by varietal, and with the best scores. Lately, the section of Best Buy is organized according to the relation between price and quality of wines, as well as to their grape variety.

Vinómanos also works based on similarity, that is to say, users may show what wine they liked most and the application recommends them a similar one. In addition, with the button “Favorite”, users may mark the wine they have tasted so as to remember it.  Besides, there is a bar where users may enter a key word, brand or a varietal, and the search engine finds the requested wine.

The application may be downloaded and used free of charge. It is financed by means of traditional advertising and AdWords, this is why there are banners of all kind. “The aim is to generate a critical mass of users, and if a company wants to be present on Vinómanos, it has to pay for it,” he added.


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