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“Vino el Cine” will be present at the Argentine wineries

October 2, 2013 by Claudia Ortiz | in News, Tourism

This year, the event organized by Bodegas de Argentina, and in which WineSur will act as media-partner, will have classical movies as the main character. It is an initiative for charity, so the tickets will be exchanged for non-perishables.

During two months, the wineries will play the leading role in a new edition of “Vino El Cine”, a cycle of movies to be held at different wineries and tourist places of Mendoza. The main theme chosen for this occasion will be the classical movie. Moreover, this year WineSur will take part in the event as media-partner.

Walter Bressia, member of Bodegas de Argentina, regarded this event as a gratifying initiative. “It is really positive to represent an event like this one. We are at the forefront of wine tourism and this event, like others, is really good and it is a milestone in history because we bring people closer to wineries.”

Guillermo Barletta, Mercedes Butterfield (Banco de Alimento), Alejandra Rapacioli (Min. de Turismo), Walter Bressia (Director BDA) and Marcelo Costa (Megacine audiovisuales)

Furthermore, the winemaker added that Bodegas de Argentina promotes not only wine tastings and openings but also this kind of events. In the particular case of this initiative, the entity plans to extend it to the rest of the country.

The curatorial activity will be carried out by Cinemateca Argentina, an entity with a vast experience and prestige in the audiovisual industry. Marcelo Costa, general coordinator of this cycle highlighted: “it is very difficult to develop this kind of events. The only way to do it is with people going for it. For that reason, we are working for a long time with Bodegas de Argentina organizing these cycles”. In addition, he mentioned that the initiative includes classical movies, which are known by many people but watched by few. “The event consists in an excellent pairing of wine and movie. The scene is unique, as these classical movies will be enjoyed in the middle of the impressive landscapes of the wineries”. Besides, each of the wineries will use their creativity to offer an attractive wine-tourism and food program to entertain the audience.

“Vino el Cine” is an event for charity. The ticket will be exchanged at the Tourism Ministry, for a powder milk box for every two people. The collected food will be donated to “Banco de Alimentos de Mendoza” (Mendoza Food Bank).

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