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Trends: “Flavored wine”, the boom among young consumers

July 18, 2014 | in Business, News

According to a research conducted by Wine Intelligence, these wines, classed as aperitif, are a resounding success in the international market. Chocolate, grapefruit, cola, chestnut, coffee, are some of the new flavors.

As Wine Intelligence’s study revealed, the boom of these wines lies in the fact that “after the dinner with traditional wines, people want to continue drinking wine”. With many flavors and low alcohol content, these products are becoming the new cabaret star among young consumers (between 18 and 34 years) and women, mainly in France.

A clear example of this craze in the international market is Pamplemousse Rosé. Today, this wine is at the forefront of the French market and considered the fastest-growing product.

With an alcohol content of just 8 – 10.5%, favored wines are affordable and easy to drink. For this reason, it is not surprising why they are so popular among French young people, especially as aperitif to share with friends (source: research on aperitifs by Wine Intelligence)

On the other hand, a company called Fun Wine has recently launched chocolate and coffee-flavored wines. According to the owner of the firm, the product is targeted at young men and women.

Likewise, in an interview, he stressed: “as the product is decaffeinated and with low alcohol content, I think it will really appeal to fun lovers, to Millennials and their lifestyle, to be enjoyed on a boat, on the beach, in a pool party, barbecue, at a bar or nighclub, etc.”

Other successful case is “Cocoa Vino Chocolate Wines”. This firm offers three lines with original flavors: chocolate, mint-chocolate and yumberry cocoa.

In Argentina, there are some of these products, also targeted at young consumers. Among them, some New Age’s wines, recently launched with different flavors: red fruits, guarana, and pear. According to the firm, the product is targeted at young people who live intensely the day by day.

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