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Trapiche will open a winery in Mar del Plata before the end of the year

October 31, 2014 | in News

Grupo Peñaflor will launch its Mar & Pampa in Chapadmalal, at 3 km from the coast. It will release the first wines influenced by the Ocean of Argentina.

In the Atlantic Coast, besides drinking mate and enjoying the sea, tourists will have the chance to visit vineyards and buy some bottles along with the classic sandwich cookies. Today, Mar del Plata is not only the “Pearl of the Atlantic”, but also an emerging wine region.

Located at only 3 km from Chapadmalal, Mar & Pampa is a new wine project. It is an experimental winery of Trapiche. This is the first gamble of one of the main players in the market, in pursuit of experimenting in a new productive region with oceanic influences.

The special coastal climate, the majesty of the South Atlantic, the charm of the lands, and Trapiche’s visionary spirit are combined to source a new line of different wines.

Trapiche, headed by winemaker Daniel Pi and agronomist Marcelo Belmonte, imitated what New Zealand did with its oceanic wines. With 11 hectares and a small experimental plant, the winery will launch Mar & Pampa.

The aim is to make Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurstresminer, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay, wines influenced by the South Atlantic, which depend exclusively on the rainwater as in Bordeaux. Moreover, the winery will also develop white and rosé sparklers.

“They are examples reflecting the generosity of our lands and freshness of our sea. It is a new facet of the Argentine viticulture challenging the status quo and inviting to live new experiences,” commented Mayra Maioli, Grupo Peñaflor’s Public Relations and Press manager.

An incipient region

Chapadmalal is a privileged place to develop these wines. Planted at the sea level and 3 km from the coast, vineyards grow in a wetter and colder place than the mountain, ideal for shorter-cycle varieties.

Unlike vineyards from mountain, these wines do not need to be irrigated by man. Moderate maximum temperatures and fresh nights allow a lower heat accumulation along the vegetative cycle. This factor results in a series of fresher and more delicate wines, with a great aromatic complexity, and good body. Besides, this enables us to produce some not very well-known varieties in our country.

Commercially, Trapiche targets these wines at the foreign market, due to the great interest from countries such as United States, Canada, and England, key markets for Grupo Peñaflor.

“We want to show the world that Argentina counts on a wide diversity and can also make wines influenced by the Atlantic Ocean,” spotlighted Maioli.


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