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The great “Argentine national team”: these are the world’s 100 most successful wines from this country

September 30, 2013 by Juan Diego Wasilevsky | in Exports, News

Find in this article the ranking of Argentina’s most exported brands and how much foreign currency they brought for the country

In spite of the difficult economic situation and the declining figures, the wineries remain doing businesses; and in some cases, really big businesses.

According to the analysis of the consulting agency ‘Marketing Research & Technology’, during the first half of the year, Argentine wineries exported through 2,102 different brands, attaining USD 268 million.

However, the largest brands moving the ammeter of this industry are really few: only the first 100, that is to say, just 5% of the total is responsible for generating 60% of the overall foreign currency resulting from bottled wine exports.

In this context, as the Marketing Research & Technology’s report said, the most successful Argentine brand abroad, over the first six months, was Alamos of Catena Zapata winery, garnered USD 14.6 million from exports.

This way, this brand alone accounted for 5% of the overall bottled wine exports.  Alejandro Vigil, winery’s chief winemaker, highlighted that “the reason why Alamos managed again to be consolidated as the world’s hottest Argentine wine lies in its top quality.  The winery is working hard on the vineyards to keep always the high quality of its grapes. Besides, it is important to stress its great efforts concerning the sale, distribution and marketing of the product.”

“The key lies in the fact that the wine we offer in Argentina and abroad is exactly the same, since the vineyards from which these wines are made are similar, as well as the practices used in the winery, “pointed out the expert.

Moreover, the winery managed to establish another brand as Argentina’s second most exported one, in terms of foreign currency: “Catena”.

“Catena is today our flag label, on which we are focusing all our efforts. In other countries, the best-selling wines are within the lowest price ranges, making the country be labeled as a producer of cheap products. For this reason, it is really good what is happening with this brand, as it “premiumizes” the image of our country,” pointed out Vigil.

The #3, as last year, was Trapiche Reserva, exports of which amounted to USD 6.3 million.

In addition, Trivento was in fourth place. It is the umbrella brand comprising the great part of Trivento winery’s portfolio, firm that belongs to the Chilean giant ‘Concha y Toro’.

The ranking of Argentina’s most exported brands also includes Trapiche in the #5, Fuzión (Familia Zuccardi) in #6, and Las Moras in #7.

The outstanding case is Tilia, Bodegas Esmeralda’s label, which has been recently doing well and was finally included in the Top 10, with exports of USD 3.3 million.

The top 10 is completed by Graffigna Centenario –which climbed positions from #16 during the first half of 2012 – and Santa Julia, Familia Zuccardi’s entry level brand.


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