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Sustainability developments in Argentina

June 13, 2012 by Laura Saieg y Mariano Zalazar | in Latest news, News

In the framework of Sitevinitech fair, the company Verallia introduced its light weighted bottles within the ECOVA range, and Inap showed its new lubrication system for conveyor belts for containers.

Mora than 300 local and foreign exhibitors were present at Sitevinitech. The fair, which took place at Arena Maipú Casino Resort, managed to fix 300 business roundtables among local suppliers and potential international clients for a business volume of around USD 200 million.  Besides, countless advances for the wine industry were shown. Vats, consumables and machinery focused on sustainability were some of them seen around the fair.

During Sitevinitech, Verallia presented a new alternative within the range of ECOVA bottles (environmentally friendly bottles). This is due to the fact that ECOVA bottles have increased sales by 50%.

The company brought out “Andina”, a 700gr bottle that was acknowledged as one of the lightest sparkling bottles in the world.  Also introduced at the fair were the “Maipo ECOVA”, a 400gr bottle and the “ECOVA Canada”, a product specially developed for this market for the USD 15 price range that weighs 410gr, is 316mm high  (standard bottles are around 300mm) and comes with screw cap closure.

For its part, Inap, a company that provides intelligent chemical solutions, also displayed its last technological advance at Sitevinitech. It is a “lubrication system for conveyor belts for containers” which applies a mixture of water and lubricant to the machine to avoid its oscillation and damage.

Though the functions of this system are already achieved by other known machines, Inap’s equipment encompasses the latest technical advances that allow it to employ five times less water and 25% less electricity than conventional ones.

“We have modified the application system of lubricant,” says Eng. Agustín Smon, Maintenance Manager at Inap. “Common equipments use spouts; they fulfill the task but a lot of lubricant is lost in the way. Our machine uses high-density polyurethane rollers,” he explained.

“This way-he added- the sponge absorbs only the necessary amount of lubricant and applies it as needed, with greater precision and without wasting any liquid,” the engineer concluded.

Average water use of a single bottling line is 5 million liters. With this system, Inap ensures that the use will reduce to 1 million liters.

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