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Social Media: “I like” wine and it is “trend topic”

June 19, 2012 by Laura Saieg | in News, Web 2.0

Adding friends, generating feedback, getting opinions and building customer loyalty are the wineries’ main objectives when joining Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest and Youtube appear timidly.

Argentine wineries are becoming more active in social networks. In a survey conducted by WineSur, most of them said that Twitter and Facebook are the chosen platforms to promote their products and carry out marketing campaigns. Pinterest appears like a third option.

Building loyalty and communicating, wineries’ prime aim

Through Twitter and Facebook is that Argentine wineries focus their strategies. Marketing and Communication Manager at Bodega del Fin del Mundo, Juan José Larrondo, said that “social networks keep us in touch with clients and followers, and they are an effective way of building brand awareness and positioning. Besides, it is a good method to receive feedback and suggestions from consumers.”

As regards the different services each offers, he analyzed “Facebook is a great support for point-of-sale campaigns and an effective channel to communicate with consumers, while Twitter is ideal for releasing real-time news.”

Mariano Cunille, New Age Brand Manager (Casa Bianchi winery), believes “Facebook is more effective since communication with the consumer is direct, without filters. Moreover, it is a reliable source of information to test, investigate or, at least, pamper the brand fans.”

Lucas Besasso Cenoz, Communication Coordinator at Cepas Argentinas, highlighted that for the brand of young varietal wines, Omnium, communication through Facebook and Twitter has allowed back and forth exchange of ideas with consumers that was unthought-of years ago. “Experience suggests that both are excellent media for interactivity and immediacy.”

Regarding their aims, he added that the winery seeks to generate buzz, getting current and potential consumers to talk about the brand on and off line.

Finally, Nicolás Cornejo Costas, Marketing and PR Manager at Hess Family Latin America said that Facebook generates greater interaction; nevertheless, Twitter “is a more efficient channel as regards interaction with key opinion leaders.”

When asked about the advantages of social media, he mentioned: “online branding, interaction with consumers and/or potential consumers and a channel that reinforces trade marketing campaigns.”

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