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Secrets to become a “Best of”

September 12, 2012 by Redacción | in Latest news, News

Wineries and wine tourism-related services were recognized by the Great Wine Capitals and will compete in Firenze, Italy, for the “International Best of” awards.

This year, the contest counted on the participation of 74 nominees, almost twice compared with previous editions. On November 4 – 8, Mendoza’s gold medal winners will compete in Italy, with candidates from the other Great Wine Capitals regions, such as Napa Valley.

During the ceremony, the Governor of Mendoza, Francisco Pérez, stressed the growth Mendoza tourism experienced throughout this year, which amounted to 1.6 million people in the first six months.

Some of the success stories

Sustainable tourism

Salentein was the winner in the category “Sustainable Tourism Practices”, as Killka inn lies among the vineyards. Andrés Arenas, Salentein’s manager, explained that everything related to tourism in the estate is carried out naturally. “We work with the natural flora, ecological reserves, and tourism in San Pablo estate, which is a virgin land where we do certain activities without disturbing the environment.”

The winery works based on three main cores: social responsibility, impact on the environment, and care of the region’s inhabitants. This way, it makes a minimum use of water and has sectors with solar energy. “All our activities are certified and our wines have achieved the carbon footprint certification,” added Arenas.

Accommodation in vineyards

Atamisque, through its Atamisque Lodge, was awarded within the “Wine Accommodation” category.

Jean Etienne Beaune, General Manager of Atamisque estate, said that the opening of the lodges, located in the over 700-hectare estate, in Tupungato (Los Cerrillos), Mendoza, was held in April of this year. “It is a hotel comprising three houses of two 67-m2 bedrooms, with balcony, Jacuzzi and a lobby where people have dinner o breakfast, or just enjoy a wine. The hotel is nestled among the vineyards, with a great view of the Andes. It offers visits to the winery, and counts on a restaurant as well as a 9-hole golf course. Besides, it is located in the park of the estate, a unique place because of its centenarian trees, with a design very similar to San Martin Park’s.

Innovative Experience

Trivento and Trapiche won bronze medal each in this category.

In this sense, according to Trivento, the winery together with López, La Rural, Trapiche, and the municipality of Maipú, created a new tourism alternative: “Discovering Mendoza’s Wine History”.

With the purpose of making the wine history between the 16th and 19th centuries known, the product offers firstly a visit to La Rural winery, then to Trapiche and López, highlighting what was done during the 19th and 20th centuries. In the latter winery, visitors will enjoy a lunch; whereas in Trivento, they will learn about the technological progresses the industry has experienced from the last decade of the past century to date.

Architecture, Parks & Gardens

In this case, the great gold winner of “Architecture, Parks & Gardens” was Pulenta Estate, while Finca Decero awarded a bronze medal. Pulenta Estate, located in Alto Agrelo, on route 86 to Tupungato, 6 km away from Ugarteche, captivated the jury with its minimalist style, perfectly adapted to the environment.

Michelle Schromm, in charge of tourism, commented that the winery has a spot intended for VIP tourism called “El Rancho”, which enjoys an old-style design and offers accommodation and lunches to its most important clients.

Translation: Carolina Lucesole

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