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Business case

Piattelli will open a USD 12-million winery in Cafayate

April 13, 2012 by Mariano Zalazar | in News

It will be in Salta and the investment also includes the acquisition of new vineyards. The aim of the company, which already owns a winery in Mendoza, is to incorporate products to its portfolio and foster the tourism in the region.

Piattelli winery has the intention of growing in 2012 by means of new products, more volume, market expansion, and the construction of a second winery. This last project is under development and will conclude at the end of this year. Cafayate was the region chosen to be its geographical location.

“From its foundation, Piattelli Vineyards is committed to making the best wines from the best grapes of Argentina. For this purpose, we decided to invest in the most outstanding regions such as Luján de Cuyo and Salta,” highlighted Gabriel Fidel, Argentina and South Africa director of Piattelli.

“We chose to settle in Cafayate because vines from this region are different and offer higher quality, greater consistency and aromas,” he added.

About the winery

The construction of the winery in Salta will demand a total investment of USD 12 million, considering the estates as well. Its facilities will boast a production capacity of 910,000 liters. Moreover, it plans to build a tourism area. Once the project is completed, 40 people will be employed.

The company aims at exporting its wines to United States, North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

What it was and wants to be

Assessing what 2011 left for Piattelli, Gabriel Fidel seemed to be satisfied with the winery’s performance and defined the harvest season as a period of “growth in which the company managed to make its brand known.”

“We opened the tourism area of our Mendoza winery last September. Diego Salguero (tourism manager) and Nicolás Bedorrou (our new chef) are in charge of promoting the winery,” underlined the businessman.

As regards sales, Fidel stressed that they obtained positive penetration results in Mendoza, Buenos Aires and Tucumán. The same was achieved in the foreign market, in the case of United States, Mexico and Canada.

For the future, the company’s main goal is to open its winery in Salta, also considering other aspects. From the winemaking point of view, the company is hardly working on launching new high-quality products. Besides, the original winery (located in Mendoza) attempts at expanding in Europe, Latin America and Argentina.

Translation: Carolina Lucesole

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