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Interview with Daniel Pi

“Our 2012 budget will focus on developing more strongly United States and Asia”

March 19, 2012 by Mariano Zalazar | in News, Opinions

The well-known Argentine winemaker assessed Trapiche’s performance and he talked about his personal aims for the future.

Daniel Pi’s vast experience as winemaker positions him as a reference of the Argentine viticulture. In this article, he told WineSur about Trapiche’s projects for this year, as well as his personal challenges as winemaker.

What is your assessment about Trapiche’s performance during 2011?

For the company, 2011 was a very good year, in which the most significant event was the change of the package of shares, due to the Familia Bemberg’s acquisition of DLJ fund. This puts us in a different position for the future. We will have new challenges that will make us think in long-term strategies, without neglecting, during this process, our consolidation of leadership in both domestic and foreign market.

Taking stock of your personal life, how was 2011 for you?

It was a very intense year, full of changes, in which I learnt a lot to value the time, health, and good moments of life. I enjoyed so much my family’s achievements.

What are Trapiche’s goals for this year?

It will be a year of strategic definitions. Our 2012 budget will focus on developing more strongly United States and Asia. Moreover, we will aim at consolidating the brand position in the domestic market.

From your point of view, what should Argentina’s aims be for 2012?

In terms of industry, I think Argentina has many challenges instead of aims. The most important of all is to remain growing, maintaining costs and quality.

How should Argentina work to remain internationally competitive regarding its prices?

Under no circumstances should Argentina pass over the quality to maintain its prices. Honestly, I do not think that this situation of such high domestic prices in dollars will last for much longer. We should focus on not risking our prestige by taking wrong decisions.

What are your personal projects for 2012?

I have mainly endeavored to accompany my wife and children in their professional development. As regards my children, they are working on their own project: garage wines. Besides, according to what I learnt in 2011, I will try to enjoy the good times more.

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