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Osadía de Crear, the new restaurant at Domino del Plata

March 13, 2013 by Laura Saieg | in Business, News

With three different formats; three-course gourmet menu, a la carte and finger foods, this new undertaking opened its doors last Tuesday. It boasts a capacity for 30 diners.

Ana Lovaglio, Susana Balbo’s daughter, sales manager at Domino del Plata and now in charge of the gastronomic project Deli & Resto “Osadía de Crear”, told WineSur some of the features of the place. The main hall is capable of seating 30 diners and there is place for 20 more on the veranda and garden. An investment of ARS 80,000 was needed to put the undertaking into operation.

According to Lovaglio, the gastronomic experience is focused on two formats. The first is a three-course menu served in the main hall. The price of this option varies according to the wines paired with each course. In this respect, if paired with Crios, the menu is ARS 140, with the Benmarco range ARS 160, Susana Balbo ARS 200 and ARS 230 when paired with any wine of the list.

Moreover, another option is menu a la carte where prices go from ARS 50 to ARS 90, depending on the dish. This menu may also be paired with any wine on the list, available at cellar door price.

Finally, Lovaglio maintained that the point of difference is the third option, which offers simple dishes: finger foods (picnics, salads, appetizers, sandwiches and a lot more) served on the veranda and gardens of the winery. Besides, “everything served at Deli can be ordered to take away”. This last modality gives visitors a chance to enjoy the meal on the veranda, gardens or while touring the winery.  “Over here, you can eat and have a glass of wine for ARS 70”.

In addition, “we offer a wide selection of frozen drinks made from fresh seasonal fruit and the winery’s wines.”

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