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Nicolás Catena Zapata: “We should constantly investigate the secrets of Mendoza terroir”

November 21, 2012 by Ma. Soledad González | in News

The wine producer, winner of the "Distinguished Service Award" of Wine Spectator, maintained that Mendoza boasts a distinctive feature: source of high-quality wines. Moreover, he said that Asia is a very difficult market for Argentina that demands hard work.

In the last month, he became the first Argentinian in receiving the “Distinguished Service Award” of Wine Spectator, a recognition only reached by personalities of the world wine such as Francis Ford Coppola, Piero Antinori, Baron Eric de Rothschild, Robert Mondavi, Ernest and Julio Gallo, Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse and Julia Child.

During the interview, he assured that blend wines made of Malbec have great chances “but Mendoza’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay display distinctive flavors that international consumers highly appreciate and demand”. Likewise, he added that Malbec has not yet reached its peak and its international demand will remain on the up.

-Undoubtedly, you are an outstanding celebrity of the wine industry. Where do you consider you made the difference?

-In our family company, we have the philosophy of aiming at producing the same or superior quality to that achieved in the world’s most prestigious regions. For this premise, we know we should constantly investigate the secrets of Mendoza terroir. The highest quality and research are the two major pillars of our company. I think my children and our executive staff have been trained on the basis of this philosophy, and they will be always in pursuit of a higher quality.

-How do you see the appearance of flying winemakers in Argentina?

-Flavors, aromas and the quality of wine depend on the terroir and microclimate. These flying winemakers have advanced knowledge about the wine chemistry, thus there are few chances of making mistakes. But in my opinion, they cannot get something different from what terroir sources.

-What do you think about US and Brazil markets?

-They are our markets with more potential.

-Does Argentina have chances in Asia?

-Asian markets are difficult for us as they are new and have held the belief that the best wine is French and the rest is inferior. We will have to work hard and spend a lot to change this image.

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