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New alternatives for demanding tourists visiting wineries

June 6, 2012 by Laura Saieg | in News, Tourism

Consumers are becoming experts on wine. For this reason, wineries’ restaurants should offer more than just a classic menu. Find in this article the different choices.

International and national tourists are becoming more demanding when choosing a winery to visit; try its products and decide to stay for lunch. Therefore, companies are looking for diverse alternatives to enchant visitors.

From Chandon, PR Manager, Tatiana Casero, commented that since the opening of Bistró, they have witnessed how consumers’ behaviors have evolved. “Two years ago, tourists did not know much about pairings, gastronomy or wine. Today, consumers are beginning to understand ingredients, cooking, menus; they are more critical of pairings. This brings abput exigencies when selecting what winery to visit and if to stay for lunch given the service provided.

“On that – she continued- Chandon seeks to strengthen every communication channel at hand and now is placing its focus on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.  We are thinking about launching future campaigns through these channels to captivate tourism.”

On the other hand, Chef Matías Nuñez, in charge of the restaurant and tourism at NQN winery, pointed out “this higher exigency is good because it encourages wineries and restaurants not to fall behind and improve day by day.

He also stressed out that not only international tourists but also the national aim at good service. “In our case, 89% of tourism is Argentine. This is why, every three months we change the menu at Resto Bar Malma.”

Clara Argerich, PR and Tourism Manager at Norton, indicated that behavior has change in a good sense. “Each of our customers has increased its average expenses by 16%. This increment is due to quality rather than quantity. Consumers are going for better wines and more distinguished dishes such as ‘ojo de bife’ (fillet steak), salmon, trout or tasting menu.”

Growing step by step

Julieta Garbados from Andeluna Cellars said that, on average, the winery receives 200 visits a month and this number keeps increasing. “This has been an excellent year compared to the previous one. So far we have registered a 20% average growth.”

From Ruca Malén, Carolina Macaya highlighted that during peak season (from October up to and including April) the winery’s restaurant receives about 1,300 people, while in the off season (from May to September) 600 people. “For the time being the season is on the up and we expect a better year.

The same happens at NQN that has around 1,200 visits per month and has experienced a 10% growth.

According to Laura Luconi, Atamisque’s Tourism Coordinator, the winery has received 680 people during this season. Data reveals that in the first months of the year “the restaurant has shown improvement and this is reflected in the number of people that come here for lunch and tourist that have visited us several times. We are focused on improving our services, from the raw materials, mainly fresh trout, to the presentation of the dishes using new ingredients and interesting creations.”

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