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Marketing: how do wineries compete at sales outlets?

July 21, 2014 by Laura Saieg | in Business, News

Around 75% of purchasing decisions are taken at the point of sale. This way, those actions from wineries to encourage consumers to buy their products are crucial, as many of these decisions are the result of what brands make on shelves.

WineSur talked with some wineries to know more about how they behave and innovate at sales outlets, and to find out what are the new technologies they use in this new era.

Matías Bauzá, Senior Brand & PR Manager of Salentein winery, commented that the key is to differentiate by means of innovative actions based on a coordinate marketing action (to generate the idea and material) and the efficiency of a Trade-Marketing system to perform the action in the proper and timely way. “For example, with the release of Callia’s Esperado last year, we designed a structure framing 3 bottles of this brand, making them stand out on the shelf.”

Moreover, he pointed out that they are also present in wine shops’ publications, through both advertising and content. “This enables us to establish and maintain the image of our brand in customers’ mind,” stressed the executive.

On the other hand, Ignacio Bariffi, SR Brand Manager of Norton, highlighted that “innovation in promotion materials and the way to stick out our product on the shelf are key when looking for a differentiation from our competitors. We often do it by means of the packaging design or the experience offered to consumers at the sales outlet, so as to encourage them to buy our wines and sparklers.” As he expressed, “this is achieved through innovative ideas and experiences specially designed for every consumer of our different lines of products and brands.”

As regards the old-fashioned strategies, Bariffi explained that “the POP system is losing effectiveness and the fact of offering consumers a unique experience is increasingly important.”

In addition, the Norton’s Brand Manager added that in order to make a good investment at sales outlets, it is important to analyze how to make the best use of that investment, as consumers’ behavior is different depending on the channel they are. “The channel where we invest varies according to the wine line we want to enhance. It is crucial to recognize where our target consumer is for each of our wine and sparkler. This determines the kind of experience we should offer at each point of sale,” he pointed out.

Finally, from Salentain, Bauzá added that they are developing new things that are doing well. “For example, consumers have access to information about wines and wineries through videos, or they can participate in some actions that, from sales outlets, link consumers with winery’s social networks.”

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