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Wine Tourism

López invested 1.5 million dollars in a big building work

July 16, 2010 by Ma. Soledad González | in News, Tourism

With the aim of receiving visitors, the winery has performed an important Tourism Center as a development strategy. It will receive people from all over the country and the world.

López`s total investment in the Tourism Center and the Restaurant amounted to 1.5 million dollars. The company, which has been working with tourists for more than 20 years, decided to reinforce its services for visitors.

Asked about this investment, the commercial director of the winery, Eduardo López, explained: “With these tourism services we aim to build customer loyalty. We would like that whenever tourists come to the winery and see the winemaking process, the technology used in every detail, they are certain that drinking López wines is a synonym of guarantee.”

The new tourist attention center did not spare expense and has 1,700 square meters divided in three levels. In the basement, there is a cellar and a micro cinema for 62 people, where visitors may know the family`s history, together with the winemaking data.

During the underground tour, tourists may see pictures of the excavations for the building of the Tourism Center, antique machines and a well that belonged to the employer´s house and was found during the building process. Moreover, López will soon open a wine museum, where visitors may see the different stages of the winemaking development carried out by the traditional winery.

In the ground floor visitors may find the tourist attention center, which includes a big bar with tables and armchairs round the center. This arrangement allows the tourist attention from different sections. Moreover, one of the main attractions of the winery`s wine tourism is that tourists may buy the great harvests of the winery. Thus, a collector may acquire wines from different years and decades.

Finally, in the first floor, visitors may find the restaurant, which was opened last 9th July. The restaurant has two areas: first the reception room with armchairs and sofas and then the big main room capable of accommodating 50 guests, though this number may be increased.

Translation: Ana Tagua

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