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Limited investments for 2015

August 6, 2014 by Claudia Ortiz | in Business, News

In light of the recent economic concerns Argentina is facing and the difficult crisis some of the major international markets are going through, wineries will remain cautious about investments. Their outlays will be made in specific cases and only when they do not affect the final product.

From Chandon, Ángel Vespa, who is also treasurer of “Bodegas de Argentina”, explained that “the macro-economic situation is worrying; inflation affects the profitability and curbs the activity, leading to a fall in investments fall. But we know that viticulture is an activity of long-term investments.”

Cavas la Capilla’s winemaker, Alfredo Draque, maintained that “with this context, we don’t want to put too much at risk and we will keep the same levels of volumes in both the domestic and foreign market. We have curbed the exponential growth we have experienced so far up to see what will happen. We know that 2015 will be a difficult year.”

Martín Kaiser, Doña Paula’s Agronomist, commented that he winery is oriented to the foreign market, so its future is subject to dollar. “Internationally, our expectations are not so bad, the problem is in our domestic market, with increasing obstacles and price rises in supplies,” pointed out Kaiser.

For his part, Gustavo Arizu of Luigi Bosca added: “We are planning to acquire a new estate because we have noticed that producers are losing profitability, so they will stop investing in vineyards. A percentage of the production we buy for Finca La Linda line will be greatly affected, having a huge impact on our quality. For this reason, we have decided to invest in this respect, so as to keep our quality in these segments.”

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