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“It is important to be cautious about the time a wine stay in oak in pursuit of its freshness”

April 7, 2014 by Claudia Ortiz | in News, Opinions

These words were pronounced by Andreas Larsson during his visit to Mendoza. According to the world’s best sommelier in 2007, it is difficult to find elegant Argentine wines and he suggests making wines with less oak in pursuit of their fruit profile.

What is your impression of Argentine Wines?

First of all, I think Argentina is well positioned worldwide for its good performance, making excellent wines, always progressing and improving. It is a mistake to associate Argentina only with Malbec, as it produces outstanding blends. People should try not only emblematic varietals but also new blends, which display a more interesting complexity, though they are produced in a lesser percentage compared with Malbec.

Which blends did you like most?

Malbec always benefits from varieties with tannins and freshness. For example, I think it goes really well with Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tannat.

What should Argentina do in order to improve its performance around the world?

In a place like Mendoza, it is easy to make striking wines but it is difficult to get something elegant. Therefore, in order to reach a good balance of both aspects, Argentina should make more fruity wines and be cautious about the time a wine stay in oak in pursuit of its freshness. When a wine reaches 14 or 15% of alcohol, freshness is threatened.

What is your opinion about Argentine white wines?

I think Torrontés is the other “Argentina’s signature grape variety”. There are good wines but few Torrontés grapes. Several wines are perfectly made but they look more like an aperitif than a wine. If Argentina takes a more complex dimension, Torrontés would become a very interesting variety for international markets.

Do you think Argentina is doing well as regards marketing and communication?

It is important to show the best it has to offer. Argentina should further promote its wine regions. There are always markets interesting in this aspect. The world already knows that Argentina makes great Malbecs but it should also lay great stress on the quality of wine it makes mentioning the aging potential its products offer. Another point to communicate is the best food to pair with Argentine wines in order to reach new consumers.

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