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Interview with John Langley

‘I have developed a taste for Malbec, now’

April 24, 2012 by Rocío Acosta | in News, Opinions

John Langley, executive producer of the famous television show COPS and owner of Viñedo Urraca, paid Argentina a visit to present his wine “Familia Langley Reserva 2008”. On this occasion, he talked to WineSur and highlighted the wonders of Argentine wine.

John Langley is a prestigious American TV and film producer, but above all, he is a wine lover. In 2006 he arrived in Argentina to make his own wines by the hands of winemaker Walter Bressia. Recently, he visited Buenos Aires and Mendoza to present the new vintage of Familia Langley Reserva, Urraca, at exclusive wine shops.

How did you get involved in the wine world?

I got into the wine world because I love wine. My whole family loves wine. I started with French wines, Burgundy and Bordeaux, Spanish wines, Chilean wines. I am not a great fan of American wines; they are excellent wines, but they are just not my style. I was looking for a value wine from the New World, so I ended up in Chile and it was there where I tasted for the first time a great Malbec, Walter Bressia’s Conjuro.

What was your first impression of Malbec?

At first I did not like Malbec at all. I was drinking common and inexpensive Malbec that were not very good; really harsh like a ‘big kick in the mouth’. When I tasted Bressia’s wine I realized well-made Malbec can be extraordinary and unique. I have developed a taste for it now, and obviously we now make a Malbec at Urraca.

What were you looking for in a wine when you first arrived in Argentina?

I want a balanced wine; a wine that doesn’t have any aroma or flavor more developed than other, because this unbalances the wine. It has to be well-integrated.

Do you think you have achieved this with your wines?

I think Walter’s wines are superb. He is a very talented man. But I think we have to keep on working since consumers’ tastes change constantly, and as you know, “there’s no accounting for taste”.

Would make a wine in another part of the world?

I do make a wine in another part of the world. My family and I make a wine at our own house back in Ohio. We make very few bottles

What do you like most about Argentina?

I love the people, the lifestyle, the wine and the women. Argentinian women are very ‘simpáticas’ (nice).

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