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Argentina, Unites States and France

How does the wine world operate in Web 2.0?

July 18, 2012 by Laura Saieg | in News, Web 2.0

How do American and French wineries make use of Facebook and Twitter? What do they use social networks for? What is Argentine wineries’ position as regards their competitors’?

94% of American wineries, 61% of Argentine and 53% of French are on Facebook. In the case of American companies, 47% said that this social network helps them generate sales (compared to 9% of French companies). While in Argentina, Facebook is mainly considered a means of communication.

The data derives from two researches carried out in 2011. On the one hand, 285 American and 243 French wineries were surveyed by ABLE Social Media Marketing, while 300 Argentine wineries were analyzed by the team of WineSur.

Facebook and Twitter

American and French wineries use Facebook and Twitter as the main 2.0 tools, followed by YouTube.  In the case of Argentine wineries, only 25% (75 wineries) are present on Twitter, reaching around 499 followers each. Out of these 75 wineries, only 28 keep their accounts updated and interact with readers.

Drilling down into the Facebook statistics some more, 50% of American wineries (but only 18% of French wineries) have more than 500 fans on Facebook. While the 183 Argentine wineries with presence on Facebook have an average number of 338 fans (this figure results from the total number of friends, members of a group or fans of a page, on Facebook).

ABLE identified two reasons for the success of American wineries on Facebook:

-          49% of American wineries (19% of French) have a dedicated marketing manager who creates and publishes content on social networks.

-          30% of American wineries have been using Facebook ads to promote their winery (only 7.6% of French wineries).

On Twitter, 37% of American wineries (and only 15% of French) have more than 500 followers.

Twitter vs Facebook

It’s interesting to see the wine industry using Facebook and Twitter for different reasons. According to the study, Facebook is the superior social media platform for generating sales (48% for Facebook vs. 28% for Twitter). But Twitter is seen as better at capturing media attention (53% for Twitter vs. 32% for Facebook). Both tools appear to be efficient in engaging with customers (66% for Facebook; 63% for Twitter) and driving people to the winery (58% for Facebook; 45% for Twitter).

Update and interaction levels of Argentine wineries on social networks

WineSur team analyzed update and interaction levels of each winery’s Facebook account. Results show that 43% (79 in total) of wineries on Facebook interact with their users and only 33% (61 in total) keep their profiles updated with fresh contents.

On the other hand, in the case of Twitter, the percentage of presence was much smaller, revealing that only 25% (75 wineries) are present there, reaching about 499 followers each. Out of these 75 wineries, only 28 keep their accounts updated and interact with readers.

The wineries with active presence on Twitter are a little bit more than 20. Through this tool, wineries conduct contests, promotional offers and update their followers on events. They not only provide information about the winery, but also share contents about other wineries, pages and blogs related to wine.

2012 forecasts

Finally, 72% of American wineries and 69% of French wineries say they will be increasing their activity on Facebook in 2012. Twitter is not seen as so important, with 61% of American wineries and 45% of French wineries saying they will increase their activity on Twitter in 2012. Half of the surveyed wineries which are not on Facebook (in both France and the US) say they will be integrating it into their marketing strategy in 2012.

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