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#Harvest2012, the grape harvest on social networks

May 30, 2012 by Laura Saieg | in News, Web 2.0

The grape harvest came to an end and so did the #Harvest2012 campaign on Web 2.0. Developed by WineSur and with the collaboration of more than 45 wineries, this campaign gave everyone a chance to tell their stories during the harvest season. Find in this article all the details.

Winemakers, consumers and wineries were the main characters of Argentina’s 2.0 grape harvest. Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest were the social networks chosen to share, step by step, what is going on in every wine region. Via the hashtag “#Harvest2012”, WineSur centralized all details about what is happening in Argentina’s 2012 grape harvest through its followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook.

Together with the grapes harvest, #harvest2012 has officially finished. In this article, we show some of the results and bring out the most striking pictures and moments of #harvest2012 campaign, conducted by Rocío Acosta of WineSur.

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