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Vintage and Tourism at Bodega Miguel Minni

Bodega Miguel Minni invites local and foreign people to visit its winery and vineyards during Vintage 2009. Tourists may go through the winery surrounded by gardens with fountains and a privileged view of the mountains. The visit, totally guided and free of charge, includes three parts. The first part is an introduction to the cultural tasks performed in the vineyards during all the productive cycle. Afterwards, visitors go through the winery, completely new and equipped for the production of high quality wines. In this part, tourists may notice the production conditions in this wine category. Finally, the visit ends in the tasting room, harmoniously set with a rustic style, where tourists may taste all the varieties and kinds of wines, included pearl and sparkling ones, guided by qualified staff. Visits can include groups up to 20 people with prior reservation.

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