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New Fall Menu

The Restaurant of Finca Decero, which opened a year ago, launched a new menu for the fall season. This exclusive cuisine is led by the chef Nicolás Bedorrou. The menu consists of fried mozzarella and cantimpalo ravioli with chimichurri mayonnaise as a starter, followed by the first course called “Tapeo Argentino” including “revuelto gramajo” (scrambled eggs with onions, potatos and ham), “humita cuyana” (flavored corn paste from Cuyo) and “tomaticán” (tomato sauce or stew with meat, onion and other vegetables). The second course is potato pie with raisins, red sausage oil and crisp bread sheets. The pre-dessert is a white “clericó” (white wine with fruits and sugar) in a test tube and finally the dessert is a “flan de dulce de leche” crème caramel combined with candied orange in rosemary syrup, served with tea or coffee. All these courses are served with Decero wines.

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