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Wine assessment

Evico 2012, focused on innovation

September 26, 2012 | in Latest news, News

Besides Malbec, Cabernet Franc got the applauses of 200 people at the “Evaluación de Vinos Cosecha 2012” (Evico). Moscatel was also present and regarded as an “impeccable” variety.

Traditionally, since 1989, the guided mega tasting of Evico (in English: “2012 Vintage Wine Evaluation”) was held on September 22, with the purpose of knowing the quality of wines coming from the last harvest in the different Argentine wine regions. The event -characterized by assessing samples without knowing the name of the winery they belong to- presented the sensory features of 14 out of 200 samples.

In this edition, Malbec predominated again in terms of both quantity (three varietals were assessed) and quality. Likewise, the two Cabernet Franc wines presented (aged with oak) were the most applauded by the tasting committee and most of those gathered in the event. This variety is not always among the most outstanding exponents, the reason for which it surprised everyone.

However, what made this edition different from previous ones was that it spotlighted some varietals having not the “prestige” or fame as the varieties previously mentioned have.

Moreover, according to Adriana Martínez, president of the tasting committee, Moscatel was included because it is a variety massively consumed, experiencing a steady growth in bulk exports. Made without sugar by using a technique that the specialist regarded as “impeccable”, this varietal was also recognized as it deserves.

In this sense, a Torrontés Riojano, made with sugar, was included in the sparkling wine category -as innovative wine. Although this variety is not as popular as Moscatel, it was distinguished as it is targeted at younger consumers (from 20 to 30) who start drinking wine. According to Martínez, it is a wine following the current market trends.

Another different attraction tasted at EVICO was a kind of “blend of whites”, made of Torrontés and Sauvignon Blanc. “It is also an innovation in the market and an interesting product”, maintained Martínez, who also praised traditional varietals such as Syrah, Tanat and Merlot that also stood out in this opportunity.

“A superlative quality has been reached in this vintage, as well as in the techniques used for the different varieties”, pointed out Carlos Tizio, member of Bodegas de Argentina, association that organized the event, along with the Argentine Association of Winemaking Professionals (Spanish acronym: Apeaa), Don Bosco Faculty of Winemaking and Food Science -Universidad Católica de Cuyo, and Universidad Maza.

Source: Los Andes newspaper (Mendoza, Argentina)


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