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Alejandra De Miguel, owner of Vintage One Wine

Canada picks “hot under 30″entrepreneurs from Mendoza

August 6, 2012 by Maria Jose Merino | in Latest news, News

Alejandra and Jerónimo De Miguel, young business entrepreneurs from Mendoza, based in Toronto-Canada since 1990, owners of Vintage One Wine, were nominated Woman of the Year and Worthy 30 men by the Financial Post.

The winery is located in the heart of Toronto and makes its wines with grapes form Mendoza, Sicily (Italy), California (United States), Ontario (Canada) and Valle del Maipo and Valle de Casablanca in Chile.

In 2011 Alejandra was selected Woman of the Year by Chatelaine magazine and this year, Jerómino was within the Financial Post’s list, Worthy 30 Toronto men.

Who selected you Canada’s Woman of the Year?

It was Chatelaine, one of the magazines with the largest circulation in the country. There are 5 different categories and I was nominated in the “Hot 20 under 30″. The category focuses on the next generation of female leaders in their fields.

Why was Jerónimo selected among the Worthy 30 in Toronto?

The Worthy 30 is carried out by the Financial Post, a national circulation newspaper in Canada that every year awards men that contribute in their own way to the country’s economic, social and cultural advance. Jerónimo was chosen as an entrepreneur for its role in the creation of Vintage One and as manager of the Marketing and communication department at the finance company, Manulife Financial.

How and why was Vintage One created?

When I 22 I opened a restaurant with a tiny winery. We were making our own range of wines right there in the restaurant, an unheard-of idea at that moment. Some years later the idea of Vintage One Wines emerged: a ‘city winery’ that would make wines for individuals, a unique concept in Canada.

Do clients participate in the winemaking process?

Yes, clients may get involved in the winemaking process as far as they want. There are clients that like to be there from beginning to end. They enjoy being present during fermentation, pumping over, filtration, bottling, blending, etc. Some even like to help in the making, while others just like to watch and learn.

It is interesting that because we have grapes from different countries, there are no limits or obstacles- we are making a blend of Malbec from Lulunta and Cabernet Sauvignon of California, or a Syrah of Valle del Maipo, Chile with some Nero d Avola from Sicily.

Therefore, pour proposal is to offer our clients tailor-made wines, a special and unique blend that we call ‘private label’.

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