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By price ranges: what are the market’s hottest brands?

October 17, 2012 by María Eugenia Aznar | in Exports, News

From the price range of USD 13 to over USD 360, only some names lead Argentine wine exports. Find out in this article their performance.

During the past eight months of 2012, bottled wine exports fell by 7.3% in terms of volume, compared with 2011. However, as regards turnover and average price, Argentina showed a 0.9% and 8.9% growth respectively.

On the basis of this, Área Premium of Área del Vino analyzed the main brands leading exports, by price segments.

Entry level

Uvita, is the brand leader in this segment. The total amount of 2012 vs. 2011, suffered a drop in its average price, reaching USD 7.57 a case. Besides, its exported volume was reduced by 36.6 thousand cases; thus its turnover plunged by 9.4%.

Popular Premium

Frontera brand is in first place, exports of which fell by 41.1% in volume, in the total amount registered in the January-August period of 2012, vs. 2011. Moreover, the average price grew by 2.3%, reaching USD 19.15 per case and its turnover dropped by 4%.


Fuzion, at the head of the ranking, suffered a decrease in its exported volume as well as in its average price; so its turnover fell by USD 996.5 thousand.

Super Premium

Alamos, is at the top of this category with a boost in terms of both exported volume and value, in relation to 2011. Besides, its average price raised by 9.8%, amounting to USD 35.17 a case.

Ultra Premium

In this price range, Catena brand stands out, followed by Navarro Correas Colección Privada, both with an increase in exports by value and volume. Nonetheless, the average price of the former registered a 2.2% decline, whereas in the case of the latter, it grew by 13.5%.


The leader of this range is Nicolás Catena Zapata, showing a boost in volume as well as in its average price, reaching the amount of 4 thousand cases and USD 449.72 per case respectively, in 2012. In this period, it garnered a turnover of USD 1.8 million.

Bottled wine exports within the price ranges between USD 27 and USD 360 per case are the only segments having boosted in terms of volume, price, and turnover, compared with the total reported in 2011.

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