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Bodegas TW: when sequels are a resounding success

May 8, 2012 by Gonzalo Merino | in News, Web 2.0

After several months of work, the event of Bodegas TW came and went quickly. Observations on a night of friends, wines, and twitter.

It is said that the second editions of an event, after a successful first part, have the challenge of dealing with expectation levels. This year, the result was significantly better. Although in these days the definite figures of the event will be known, such as how many people were present or how much the event raised, the truth is that the overall balance was positive. Many people were present, who shared great moments, ate, drank, enjoyed shows and we hope everyone went back home safe and sound, something that the organization cannot assure.

It is interesting, from my point of view, to know what people think about this event. Because when we organized the first edition approximately a year ago, I remembered that first conversation with Rodolfo Juárez, Anabel Caselles and Alejandro Vigil, “we are always communicating via twitter, so let’s meet and know each other”, that was more or less the idea. Afterwards, more and more people were joining the initiative, until becoming a mega event with wine tastings, gourmet dishes, musical shows, and the most important of all, a charity activity behind it. Once in the event, I took advantage of all the conversations to ask those present why they are there. Replies varied widely: some of them answered that they wanted to collaborate with the Food Bank of Mendoza; some others said that as the occasion was a social meeting of the sector “I could not miss it”; and others just because they wanted to experience a different activity. What did surprise me was the fact that only few of them had heard about the event via twitter. This year it was mainly spread by word of mouth.

Fortunately, in this opportunity, we worked with the Food Bank of Mendoza, because we counted on the entity’s staff and contacts. They worked hard with us to make the event shine. From the first time we talked with Sergio Gras (president of the Food Bank of Mendoza) the empathy was immediate. Besides, I personally think that the work this entity does is amazing.

An event of these dimensions only is possible thanks to the help of a lot of people and companies that promote it, offering their products, services and everything they have to give.


Aleanna, Altos las Hormigas, Caligiore, Chandon, Crotta, Dante Robino, Diamandes, Dominio del Plata, Doña Paula, Etchart, Familia Schroeder, Familia Zuccardi, Flichman, Gimenez Riili, Margot, Monteviejo, Mumm, Nanni, Navarro Correas, Renacer, Salentein, Sin Fin, Sur de los Andes, The Vines, Trapiche, Trivento, Tupungato Winelands, Viniterra, Viña Cobos, and Zorzal Wines.

Food islands

Ceibo Restaurante, Dolcezza Helados Gourmet, Farrah Cocina de Autor, Graciela Hisa, Jesús Cahiza, La Marchigiana, Lucas Bustos, Marcos Zabaleta, María Teresa Barbera, Nadia Harón de Ortega, and Nicolás Bedorrou.

Artists on stage

Altertango, Banda del Vino, Daniel Vinderman, Martín Guerrero, Shimins, and Sparkling Big Band.

Companies participating in the event

Abraham Sonido, Area del Vino, Arrayanes, Assistir, Diario Uno, Dj Guerrero, EAS (Argentine Sommelier School), El Sol Online, Frigoríficos Aconcagua, Fundación Universitas, García Betancourt, Gerardo Palazzetti y Asociados, Jor-Dán Aguas, Laser Print, Mdz Online, My Design, Nh Hoteles, Seguros San Cristobal, Silvana Biagiotti Congresos y Eventos, and Tankitos.

To all of them, once again, MANY THANKS!!!

Translation: Carolina Lucesole

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