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Who says that Argentina cannot sell great wines under USD 10?

August 15, 2012 by Laura Saieg | in Awards, News

The US wine magazine made a list including the top 10 wines under USD 10. Five of them are from Argentina. See them all here.

The wine magazine Wine Enthusiast made a list including the best wines under USD 10, through a tasting carried out by its editors and journalists.

According to the magazine: “Once friends and neighbors find out we work at Wine Enthusiast, the first question they ask is almost invariably, “So, what’s a great $10 wine?”.

These wines represent some of the best inexpensive offerings we’ve tasted for the August issue, selected for price and quality, and balanced to give a selection of wine styles.

Top 10 wines

1- Avalon 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon (California). Best Buy. abv: 13.8% / Price: USD 10

2- J. Portugal Ramos 2011 Ramos Reserva Red (Alentejano). Best Buy. abv: 13.5% / Price: USD 10

3- Snap Dragon 2010 Riesling (California). Best Buy. abv: 13.5% / Price: USD 9

4- Bodega Norton 2011 Cosecha Tardia Natural Sweet White Chardonnay (Mendoza). Best Buy. abv: 11% / Price: USD 9

This wine is made from overripe Chardonnay grapes to achieve their natural sweetness. Its mild flavor and honey notes perceived in the aroma make this late harvest wine perfect to drink alone, or to pair with desserts, blue cheeses and dry fruits.

5- Callia 2011 Malbec (Tulum Valley). Best Buy. abv: 13.5% / Price: USD 9

Spicy black pepper, licorice, ripe plum and maraschino cherries on the nose, with inviting cola and vanilla overtones as it first hits the palate. Delicious, quaffable and mighty refreshing; this is perfect to enjoy during the hot summer months with a slight chill and plenty of barbeque!

Bodegas Callia is situated in the Tulum Valley in Argentina’s province of San Juan. It is nestled between the Pie de Palo hills to the north and the Cerro Chico del Zonda to the south. Two estates encompass 300 hectares of land: Finca Pie de Palo and Finca 9 de Julio. At 630 meters above sea level, the area is blessed by temperate climate, low rainfall and rich sandy alluvial and clay loam soil; the result is intense and fruity wines that reflect the rich terroir of this region.

The grapes are cultivated from vineyards located in Caucete, at 650 meters (2,133 feet) above sea level, in alluvial, sandy-textured soil. The vines are drip irrigated with snowmelt runoff from the Andes, providing the optimum amount of water to each plant. Vines are trained on trellis.

6- Mezzacorona 2011 Pinot Grigio (Vigneti delle Dolomiti). Best Buy. abv: 12.5% / Price: USD 9

7- O. Fournier 2011 Urban Uco Torrontés (Cafayate). Best Buy. abv: 13.5% / Price: USD 9

8- Santa Julia 2011 Malbec (Mendoza). Best Buy.  abv: 13% / Price: USD 10

9- Alma del Sur 2011 Malbec (Mendoza). Best Buy. abv: 13.3% / Price: USD 9

10- Astoria 2011 Alìsia Pinot Grigio (Delle Venezie). Best Buy. abv: 12.5% / Price: USD 10

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