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Vinandino 2013: the 10 Grand Gold Medal winners

November 19, 2013 by Claudia Ortiz | in Awards, News

A new edition of the international competition came to an end. There, wineries participate to compete, be assessed, and reach some kind of recognition to attract new consumers. See in this article all the winners.

With over 750 samples submitted, the 11th edition of the International Contest of Wines and Spirits of wine origin (XI Concurso Internacional de Vinos y Bebidas Espirituosas de Origen Vínico), distinguished 5 wineries from Mendoza with the top reward in this contest, the “Grand Gold Medal”. Moreover, the event granted gold and silver medals in 17 different categories and, for first time, it presented a list including those wines achieving high scores.

The event was organized by the INV (National Institute of Viticulture) and the Federal Investment Council (in Spanish: CFI), which gathered samples from Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, United States, Mexico, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, France, Slovakia, Hungary, New Zealand, and  Australia.

The award-winning wines

In the category of “white, rosé, red wines and non-aromatic varieties and sparkling wines, “the following examples were selected for their excellence:

1-Fantelli Serie Magno Malbec-Pinot Noir 2012. “We went for a representative variety of Argentina on the one hand, and on the other, a fashionable one like Pinot Noir, achieving outstanding results. This blend from Santa Rosa gave us great satisfaction because it is something distinctive and different,” according to the winery.

2-Perdriel Vineyard Selection 2007 (Bodega Norton). Jorge Riccitelli defined it as “an attractive high-end wine”, which is really important for the winery.

3-Viñavida Wines of Life Gran Reserva 2004 (Viñavida S.A.).

4-Agostino Finca Reserva Chardonay-Viogner 2011 (Finca Agostino). This wine is marketed mainly in Germany, Brazil, United States, and China.  The grapes of this blend come from Barrancas and Chardonnay grapes are fermented into oak barrels. “We believe it won this award because it is a balanced wine,” commented from Finca Agostino.

5-Áureo de Colección Finca Buenaventura 2012 (Finca Buenaventura).

6-Don Baltazar Petit Verdot 2011 of Casa Montes Bodegas y Viñedos (San Juan). According to the winery, in San Juan, Petit Verdot grape not only obtains particular and unique characteristics when it is 100% varietal, but also it is ideal for blending. In the case of this blend, according to the company, “it is a great-structured and highly-colored wine, marketed throughout the whole country and we want to focus on the foreign market.”

7-Familia Navarro Torre Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 de Las Cañitas S.A. (Córdoba). In respect of the recognition to this Cabernet, the president of the INV, Guillermo García, said: “I hope that this help wine to compete with Fernet and we go on selling more wine in both the domestic and foreign market.”

8-St. Andrews Shiraz de Taylors Wines (Australia).

9-Gran Legado Brut Rosé de Nat. Prod. Ind. Com. e Serv. Ltda (Brazil).

10-Anselmann Gelber Muskateller 2011 (Alemania). This winery, producing almost 1 million liters per year and growing 37 different grape varieties, submitted 10 samples of which 7 were awarded: besides the Gran Gold medal, it received 4 Gold and 2 Silver medals. Its owner highlighted: “we participate in many international contests, but Vinandino is one of the most important because it is really well organized.”

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