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USD 8 – USD12 wines, well rated by Wine Spectator

September 3, 2012 by Laura Saieg | in Awards, News

The August issue of the US magazine contained a list with the Argentine wines tasted by Nathan Wesley. Meet below those achieving higher scores in relation to their prices.

In its August issue, Wine Spectator magazine published the new scores of Argentine wines, from different quality and price ranges. For this article, WineSur selected those placing within the USD 8 -12 price segment, which maintained a good performance offering an excellent price-quality relationship. The person in charge of making this list was Nathan Wesley, taster of Argentina’s wines.

In this opportunity, the highest scoring wine was Trivento Malbec Mendoza Reserve 2011, obtaining 88 points, with a retail price of USD 11. In the technical notes, the journalist depicts this exponent as a racy wine, with light tannins and juicy acidity driving the tangy finish. 110,000 cases were made.

Lower down, the list also includes the following wines, scoring 87 points: Salvatore Príncipe Chardonnay Mendoza, with a price of USD 10; Fincas Patagónicas Malbec Mendoza Zolo 2011, at USD 11; Bodega Cuarto Dominio Malbec Mendoza Lote 44 2011 and Bodegas y Viñedos La Esperanza Malbec Uco Valley Menduco Reserve 2011, both priced at USD 12; and finally, Kaiken Malbec Mendoza 2010.

This is a list worthy to take into consideration when drinking a wine, whose prices do not put their quality at risk.

Translation: Carolina Lucesole

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