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Two Regional Trophies to WineSur’s wineries

February 26, 2014 by Claudia Ortiz | in Awards, News

At a cocktail party hosted at Escorihuela Gascón winery, the Argentine Wine Awards 2014 winners were announced. After the thoroughly tasting carried out by 12 international and 6 national judges, who assessed over 650 samples, the organization presented the Trophies of the 20 categories, which are divided into 5 price ranges.

The 8th edition of the “Argentina Wine Awards” contest presented 4 Regional Trophies, 2 of which were granted to member wineries of WineSur, 12 Trophies, 58 Golds, 256 Silvers, and 276 Bronzes.

Three WineSur’s wineries awarded at the AWA

For first time, the contest granted a special Trophy to each of the main regions: Northern Argentina, Mendoza, San Juan, and Patagonia. Two member wineries of WineSur were distinguished in these categories.

“Paz Blend 2012” of Finca Las Moras received a regional trophy and other recognition in the category “Red Blend from USD 13-20″.  Judges spotlighted its aroma intensity of black pepper, complexity on the palate, and sober tannins. Its grapes come from the Zonda and Pedernal Valleys, “two fresh valleys with wide temperature ranges, enabling tannins to reach a good ripening. Grapes from Zonda display a good mineral character and those from Pedernal, a great concentration and fineness of tannins,” described Eduardo Casademont, agronomist of the winery.

The winery’s export manager, Ramiro Barrios, commented that this wine is available in the domestic market under the “Black Label” brand. Moreover, he added that this wine was successfully launched in 2007, and now it is marketed in Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, and Scandinavian countries, among others. “The key to its success is its excellent price and its consistency in quality over years, leading the winery to be recognized nationwide and worldwide,” pointed out the export manager.

Moreover, Del Fin del Mundo was also distinguished with a Regional Trophy for its “Fin Single Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2010”. Pedro Soraire, winemaking manager at the winery, explained that climate and soil characteristics of Patagonia allow Cabernet Franc to develop very well, “and through suitable winemaking techniques, we make great wines that can be enjoyed young or after aging in oak barrels”.

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