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Australians open up to Argentine wines

August 10, 2012 by Redacción | in News

Despite being a major producing country, there is an increasing diversification of the wine market. Australian consumers are already talking about Malbec.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, wine imports increased by 4.2% reaching 67 million liters in the 2010-2011 fiscal year, while exports fell 5.2% reaching 764 million liters in the same period.

Héctor Muñoz, managing director of the company Wines of Chile/Argentina (WoCA) that imports different brands from Chile and Argentina into Australia, assured the Spanish agency EFE that in terms of value products from these two countries “have considerable advantages”.

Muñoz, whose company works with brands such as Valdivieso, Santa Rita, Terra Andina, Rutini and Finca Flichman, pointed out that the favorite Latin American wines for the Australian palate are Malbec from Argentina and Carmenere from Chile. These are always included in the wine lists of “the best restaurants” of the country.

Two brands that are making their own way into Australia, Flichman and Rutini, confirm this version. Alfredo Matilla, export manager at Bodega La Rural, explained that he aims at positioning the winery in Australia with the ‘Rutini’ and ‘Trumpeter’ ranges for the personality of their wines and diversity value. “We are not worried about volume, but we would like to be a valid and reliable option in this market where rules are complex due to their domestic production,” he said about the winery whose sales are mainly directed to the high-end segment and the on-trade channel.

“Considering this is one of the most important producing countries of the New World, wines from Argentina and Chile have had a higher acceptance rate in the last few years. In our case, we started exporting ‘Misterio’ and ‘Gestos’ in the premium range and now we have started selling the super premium brands ‘Expresiones’ and ‘Paisaje de Tupungato’. Almost 70% of the sales are made on premise,” highlighted Jimena Molina, Marketing Manager at Finca Flichman.

“Though demand is increasing, we are still going through an initial stage and there is a lot of work to be done in a market with great potential for growth.”

A wine that is doing pretty well is “El Enemigo” of Bodega Aleanna. Alejandro Vigil, winemaker and partner of the winery, stressed that Australia is a significant market for the company. “We have sold 1,000 cases at price of USD 100 each, an excellent value, as a matter of fact,” he said. Having been contacted by an important wine shop, the winery achieved its first export in 2011. “Procedures are not complex and there are not many taxes to pay; we have many chances to export to Australia. Besides, Australians are open to trying new things and especially those that come from other New World countries,” he mentioned, among the many advantages of this destination.

Translation: Rocío Acosta

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