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“At SinFin, we are going strongly for wine tourism”

December 3, 2014 by Laura Saieg | in News, Opinions

Carlos Caselles, owner of the winery talked to WineSur and made an assessment of this year. Likewise, he stressed that in 2015, the industry will experience a process full of uncertainty and adjustments, propelled by inflation and exchange rate lag.

What is your assessment of 2014?

It was a year really complex, witness to a high level of inflation and exchange rate lag. This has led to a drop in the margin of companies’ profitability.

Personally, this has been a positive year, because in November of 2013, we restored and extended the winery, and incorporated the wine tourism area as well as corporate events. That enabled us to have an important dynamics and image of the winery.

At this moment, we exported 90% of the overall sales, establishing in the market.

However, we are concerned, like all sectors and regional economies, about the economic situation.

What was the development of tourism at the winery?

SinFin is going strongly for wine tourism. We have closed deal with travel agencies that work with foreign tourists. However, a great percentage of visits come from local tourists, considering that Mendoza welcomes people from different provinces of the country. Besides, we have the advantage of being near the city of Mendoza, what enables us to offer diverse corporate events, giving rise to a considerably growth in this respect.

Moreover, we have organized thematic events at our cellar, such as Flamenco, Tango, Folk nights.

All these programs have contributed to the positioning of the brand in the tourism industry.

What are your prospects for 2015?

It will be a difficult year, in which we will have to work on costs, reducing the structure and maximizing our human and material resource. Efficiency and creativity will help us to be different from the rest.

What are the major concerns?

We are concerned about being competitive, with inflation and exchange rates. Nonetheless, the winery is going through a different situation. We have two markets, one for bulk wine, and other for bottled wine. In a difficult context, the former gives us a more attractive possibility and greater margin of profitability than the export of bottled wine, because we export only the product and not the other supplies.

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