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Argentine Treasures: Wines of Argentina’s new digital campaign

June 22, 2012 | in News, Web 2.0

Wines of Argentina has just launched this innovative campaign that aims at capturing foreign consumers’ attention through the culture of our country.

Wines of Argentina (WofA), the organization responsible for promoting the image of Argentine wines around the world, has just launched Argentine Treasures, an application for smartphones and Facebook that turns each bottle of Argentine wine into a story waiting to be discovered.

The aim of the newly launched Argentine Treasures campaign is to build a strong link between Argentine wine and culture, promoting the country’s diverse wine regions and turning consumption of the wines produced in these regions into an innovative cultural experience.

Argentine Treasures ( intends to turn Argentine wine, one of Argentina’s treasures, into the ambassador of other national treasures. The application invites users to enter the identification code of their bottle of Argentine wine, which will in turn unlock a treasure associated with an Argentine wine region –North, Cuyo or Patagonia–.

The application invites visitors to discover more than 70 treasures, including material produced exclusively for WofA by great icons of Argentine culture such as visual artist Marta Minujín, chef Narda Lepes, cartoonist Ricardo Siri “Liniers” and photographer Marcos López. The list further includes prestigious illustrators, film makers, musicians and a large number of avant-garde national artists.

With this new proposal, available worldwide free of charge, Wines of Argentina once again sets a trend in the use of new technologies for the promotion of the wine industry, while it continues to develop the tendency it started back in 2009 with its “Live Twitter Tastings” and the use of YouTube booths to film tastings. This way, this campaign was strongly promoted through social media networks and Google.

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