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Argentina’s 10 best-selling brands

October 26, 2011 by Laura Saieg | in Exports, News

During the last nine months, 10 brands, 10 product ranges and 10 wineries lead the 2011 scene. Here, know which are they and how they are doing.

According to the report made by Caucasia Wine Thinking about still bottled wine, from January to September 2011, 555,078 thousand dollars were exported, corresponding to 16,418 thousand 9-liter cases. In this period, the average price per 9-liter case was USD 33.81.

In relation to last year, bottled wine exports are signed by the fall in volume but rise in prices. Comparing 2010 with 2011 (January-September), it was reported a 10% growth in value, suffering a 4% plunge in the volume of 9-liter cases, but a significant 15% rise in the average price, going from USD 29.50 to USD 33.81.

On the basis of data provided by Caucasia Wine Thinking, during the first nine months of this year, the best-selling brands were: Álamos, Catena, TrapicheRoble , Fuzion, Trapiche, Norton, Trivento, Terrazas Reserva, Altos del plata and Luigi Bosca Reserve.

Besides, in regard to “Product Range” (grouping products of different ranges but with the same brand), and arranged according to ‘Total USD FOB ‘ in a decreasing order, Trapiche is at the head of the list followed by Álamos, Norton, Catena, Trivento, Fuzion, Terrazas, Argento, Luigi Bosca and Finca Las Moras.

One of the brands with the highest average price is Catena. Currently, this line sells 213,797 thousand 9-liter cases, reaching a turnover of 15,619 thousand dollars, with an average price of USD 73.06 per case.

From the winery, Alejandro Vigil, chief winemaker of all the brands of the group, mentioned that Catena line includes wines that have been many years in both the domestic and foreign market. “These wines represent the line between the simple wine and the complexity acquired by the different terroirs and aging. Undoubtedly, they are wines difficult to make, especially when we try to improve their quality every year. In order to achieve this, we appeal to different terroirs and we make our wine basing on them, trying to capture the fruit expression and their virtues, and letting the barrel evolution explain the wine’s complexity.”

Then, separated by brands, Álamos is leading the list followed by Catena. Referring to the former, Vigil highlighted: “this wine pretends to be the benchmark of Mendoza’s wine; easy to drink, boasting all the possible profiles of the different regions and consistency over time. Besides, I think this kind of wine has an additional support during crisis times, as people take more time to decide when buying, and one of the main advantage of the Argentine wine, and especially Malbec, is its great value for money.”

In addition, with an excellent price-quality relationship (USD 32.06 average price per 9-liter case), Trivento reaches the 5th place in the list. According to Leandro Bastías, Export Director, explained that when we talk about TRIVENTO brand, “we talk about products ranging from USD 12 to USD 75 (retail price). This enables us to be a very good purchase option for a wide spectrum of consumers, apart from the quality and consistency present throughout all the ranges of the brand.”

As regards the total exports of the lines, Bastías said, “during January – September 2011, we sold 740,000 9-liter cases of Trivento brand at an average price of USD 31.50 per 9-liter case.”

Lucas Lowi, Business Development Manager at Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (Chandon -Terrazas de los Andes), underlined: “in general, Terrazas de los Andes boasts more than 268 years of wine know-how in different terroirs around the world, and over 50 years in Mendoza, and it is pioneer of the high-altitude vineyard concept. Among Terrazas’ lines, the best-selling brand is Terrazas Reserva that is the core business of Terrazas de los Andes.”

In the case of Terrazas Reserva, its focus is mainly on foreign markets. “80% of its annual volume is exported and its main destinations are: United States, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, China and Japan. Currently, its average price is among the highest ones (USD 78.49 per 9-liter case).

The best-selling brands

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