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Argentina increased its share in Canada

December 9, 2009 | in News

Among the ten main bottled wine exporters to Canada, only Argentina grew between January and September 2009.

In 2008 Argentina exported 38.2 million dollars, while in 2009 this figure amounted to 57.2 million dollars, which means an increase of 49.8%. Therefore, in 2008 Argentinian bottled wine exports stood for 3.5% of the total amount imported by Canada, while in 2009 this figure increased to 6.1%.

In spite of Argentina`s good performance, bottled wine imports from Canada between January and September decreased 13% in comparison with 2008, dropping from 1,078 to 939 million dollars.

During 2009 France, Canada`s main supplier of bottled wine, had a share of 24%. However, in the analyzed period, Canadian imports of French wine decreased 17.6%.

Italy, the second most important bottled wine supplier, also decreased its exports to Canada around 10.6%. Furthermore, Australia, the third most important country as regards Canada`s bottled wine imports, suffered the most drastic drop: around 27.6%.

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