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Argentina closed its grape harvest with 4,960 million pounds

May 30, 2012 by Mariano Zalazar | in Latest news, News

The grape harvest has officially finished displaying a phenomenal quality. This year, the level of alcohol for white and red wines has been set in 12.90%.

The National Institute of Viticulture (INV) in Argentina published the final numbers of the 2012 grape harvest. At a press conference, Guillermo García, president of the INV, announced that 4,960lbs of grapes have been picked in the Argentinian territory. “This means a reduction close to 20%,” he explained.

This number results from the farming of planted 217,750 hectares. Focusing on each province, Mendoza produced 3,293,928,643lbs of grapes. In second place comes San Juan with 1,309,822,599lbs, followed by La Rioja with 182,977lbs.

It is worth noting that the 2011-2012 harvest season in Argentina was characterized by climatic contingencies that affected the volume of production. Gracía acknowledged that 13,227,735lbs were lost due to natural factors. The East of Mendoza and some regions of San Juan were the worst affected.

This shortage, however, has a positive side “Short production will definitely help to improve the price of grapes next season,” maintained the highest authority of Argentine viticulture.

Another interesting detail revealed by INV statistics is that out of the 1,329 wineries and factories registered at the Institute in Argentina, 952 of them are actually producing nowadays. Out of the total of active establishments, 682 are located in Mendoza, 139 in San Juan, 43 in Cafayate (Salta) and 40 in General Roca (Río Negro).

Must and alcohol

As regards must, the INV’s president said that Argentina reached 150,000 tons of which 21% was produced in Mendoza and 52% in San Juan. The two main producing provinces managed to make 473,962,032 liters of must.

Regarding alcohol content, García emphasized that in order to determine the percentage, all the production was analyzed. “We have controlled, through analysis, 85% of the existing wine in Mendoza, while in San Juan 95% was examined,” he pointed out.

In this sense, the leader of the organization commented “This year, alcohol degree has been unified for white and reds at 12.90% in Mendoza and San Juan.”

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