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9th Foro Internacional Vitivinícola: “Ways to regain competitiveness”

July 16, 2013 by Javier Merino | in Business, News

This will be the topic of the event that gathers the most outstanding analysts, business people, and academicians in the wine world. Get to know here, where, when, how and which will be the focus of #FIV2013.

Since 2005, the Foro Internacional Vitivinícola (International Wine Forum) has consolidated as the most important business event in the wine industry. Along all this time, topics such as global economic projections, sector’s challenges, innovation, major market changes, new business opportunities, cases of successful companies in the world, or new management trends, have been proposed and discussed in this space. This year, the event will be held on September 24 at Hotel Sheraton, in Mendoza.

The method to choose the topics to be developed has been the same since its first edition. It has consisted in surveying the attendees, main executives of the industry and managers of business entities. Moreover, it has reviewed the issues that are developed worldwide in the major seminars, business meetings, and academic units.

This way, the topic of the 9th Foro will be “Ways to regain competitiveness”. This edition will be presented as a true turning point between an industry that experienced several years of growth, modernization, and international expansion, and a situation of standstill and decline that deserves a keen eye on the possibilities of expansion for the next years. Profitability has changed and the investment dynamic is lethargic. Many business units are complicated in their long-term viability and some have decided to withdraw from the sector. The most active and dynamic units are going through a reconsideration process and it is necessary to visualize new ways to regain competitiveness. Many of these ways will involve structural changes to the sector while others will have to pass through changes in the company management. This event aims to outline the possibilities towards the future, to dispel uncertainty, and to give signs to change. This way, ‘Bodegas de Argentina’ remains anticipating the coming changes and offers a space for the reflection and discussion of this problem.

In addition, the 2013 edition will incorporate innovations into its structure, so as to help attendees in their business management. For this purpose, the event will include, for the first time, a “Debate Workshop”, allowing to obtain sectorial propositions that will be channeled by Bodegas de Argentina and will serve as the basis for works in the same companies.

Therefore, the 9th Foro will be divided into three sections:

1.  First section: it is intended for listening to the opinion of national and international expert analysts. It will comprise the development of themes such as the competitiveness of Argentine economy and the world wine trends for coming years. These presentations will be the reference framework of the debate to take place in the Foro.

2. Second section: it is designed to show the most important people of Bodegas de Argentina’s member wineries the results of the survey, currently conducted, on the competitiveness in the industry. It will gather different opinions of personalities of the main global viticultures, showing the realities and projections of our competitors. Besides, it will count on a panel, made up of representatives of Argentine wineries, which reflects the opinion from different types of companies performing their activities in our country.

3. Third section: consists of a debate workshop on the most important aspects of the competitive vision of the industry and the critical factors to be solved in the sector within both long and short term.

Everything developed in this event will be processed and the results will be available for all attendees, so as to be used as working material in their own organizations.

The 9th Foro Internacional Vitivinícola aims to contribute to the sector’s improvements, facing the challenges of the next few years, and retaining its position as the major business event in the sector for the creation of more competitive and sustainable companies.

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