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Hubert Weber

Malbec Cellar Selection

April 12, 2011 by M. Constanza Nazar y Belén Espir | in Malbec Top Design

Year of the label: 2007
Category Label: Clasic
Author: M. Constanza Nazar y Belén Espir
Market that is intended: Foreing Market

: Martelé Crème paper
Size: 100 mm x 110 mm
Color: Black ink
Printing features: Flexography printing, relief and black stamping on the familiar shield. The typography on “Hubert Weber” is carved on a violet colored stripe for the case of Malbec, evoking the typical colors of this varietal. The color changes according to the varietal.

Hubert Weber is a recognized Swiss winemaker who has been working in very important wineries in Mendoza for more than 15 years. Like in the varietals, the idea was to highlight the tradition as well as the name on the label by means of typography and the use of a familiar shield as the main elements. Being this an aged wine, the aim was to make it distinguishable from the rest of the varietals through the use of monochromy and the application of some details on gold stamping in a clear and simple way.

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Mariano Braga »12 Abril 2011 @ 12:27 pm |

Muy buen exponente de las etiquetas nacionales. De estilo conservador, es coherente con el perfil de alta gama que desea transmitir la bodega.

Área del vino »19 Abril 2011 @ 20:44 pm |

Simple, equilibrada y sobria.
Bien logrado su sentido clásico.

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