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Atipax - Gabriel Braconi is the great winner of the contest My Wine Story. Congratulations!

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Lambrusco Maestri - Don Bosco is the story with more votes in Spanish.

Trapezio, the shape of our estate, the name of our wine is the story with more votes in English.

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Atipax – Gabriel Braconi

September 27, 2010

ATIPAX is not a wine, but a dream came true. I practiced my profession in different wineries, to which I am eternally grateful, especially to the workers who are the true makers of the industry and often unrecognized.
My dream was to make my own wine and one day I took the challenge. From the beginning [...]

Tempus Pleno – Tempus Alba

September 27, 2010

As complex and sophisticated as the works of Piazzola, it replicates in the curves of its “firulete”, the sensual and delicate movement of his bandoneon.
Tango dancing and the tasting of our wines are united in the look, sounds, aromas and flavors: each hands and body movements to accompany the rhythm of the tango while savoring [...]

Lagrimilla – La Caroyense

September 24, 2010

The estancia de Jesus Maria´s winery was the greater volume throughout the Río de la Plata viceroyship. As the jesuits gave great development to the activity, they also developed their own vessel´s factory to store their wines. from this cellar they sent to the king of spain the first wine elaborated in the spanish colonies [...]

Don Manuel Villafañe – Don Manuel Villafañe

September 24, 2010

The name of the cellar and wines evoke the conqueror Don Manuel Villafañe, a native of Spain.
Don Manuel quitted his duties in the Calchaqui Valley, where constant battles with the Indians used to take place, until Chumbicha took over, becoming one of the first major wine producers of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la [...]

Agostino Familia – Finca Agostino

September 24, 2010

Agostino Familia is the result of a story of love and dreams. The Agostino brothers had the dream of honouring their beloved grandfather, Sebastiano, by building a winery in Mendoza, where they had spent their childhood with him. Agostino Familia is a tribute to the family, a blend made with four selected grape varieties that [...]

Trivento Colección Fincas – Trivento

September 24, 2010

Man has been known to collect those objects of especial significance to him.
Collections are composed of items limited in number, and those in their possession keep them with the utmost care.
Trivento’s current collection of terroirs consists of eight vineyards distributed across the principal winegrowing regions of Mendoza. The varieties cultivated in each one reveal expressions [...]

Argana – Argana Winery

September 24, 2010

The word “Argana” has its origin in leather vessels formerly used to transport grapes from the vineyard to the winery on the backs of mules.
Argana is a wine with an intense character, strong color and pungent aroma. The grapes come from vines irrigated by drip and permeable soils.
The Selective harvest of best clusters and the [...]

Grand Malbec – Jofré e Hijas

September 24, 2010

Towards the end of the 19th Century a French wine maker lost his vineyard due to a plague, losing his only lifestyle known.
In the 20th Century, one of his sons immigrated to Argentina, forming a family.  His first grandson listened very closely to each story, inherited the passion for wine and knew he would go [...]

Filus Malbec – Filus

September 24, 2010

FILUS in Greek means friendship, this was an idea of the first winery founder.
This concept is what links every person who do FILUS, our wines are friendly and product of the love and affection, same as the one that friends have to each other, and between them this wine should be enjoyed.
FILUS, friendly wines that [...]

The Waxed Bat – Peñaflor

September 23, 2010

My grandfather Constante Sadler was born in the North of Italy and worked as farmer and producer of grapes in the foothills of the Alps. At the beginning of the XX century he moved to Mendoza and continued working in the vineyards with my father.
I still recall exploring my family´s cellar in my youth: a [...]

Reserva Pinot Gris – François Lurton

September 23, 2010

We were the first to plant and register Pinot Gris in Argentina in 2002. When unloading the vine plants sent from France, we realized that the nursery had made a mistake and rather than send Chardonnay from Burgundy they had sent Pinot Gris plants from Alsace instead.
Rather than delay another planting season, we decided to [...]

A walk in the clouds – Margot

September 23, 2010

Anyone remember that movie? The one with Keanu Reeves… I was remembering it this morning and I concluded that this romantic movie, almost affected, not so brilliant, made a deep impression somewhere on me, it was embedded in me like a “cookie” and it had brought me up till now… the seventh anniversary of Bodega [...]

Oso Hormiguero – Finca Los Maza

September 23, 2010

Did you know that an anteater eats over 10.000 ants a day, but will never exhaust an anthill?
Two years ago, while wandering through one of our vineyards, we almost fell into a very deep hole. At that same instant, the image of an anteater appeared in my mind! That was how our latest ongoing proyect [...]

Trivento Golden Reserve – Trivento

September 23, 2010

The history of our winegrowing begins in the early 1500s, when indigenous groups created a system of canals that transformed areas surrounding Mendoza’s rivers into oases. European immigrants arrived to these lands in the mid-19th century, bringing with them their cultures and customs. The grapevine was among the things they brought, along with its passion-awakening [...]

Desnudos – Alto Cedro

September 23, 2010

Altocedro Our idea was to relate the Cedar Tree for two reasons: the first is that we are 4th generation of Lebanese descent in Argentina and for us the Cedar is a sacred tree. The second is that in our land of La Consulta, we have more than 27 old cedars planted in the middle [...]

Unánime – Santa Ana

September 23, 2010

In 2007, Bodegas Santa Ana created Unánime with the idea of creating a high-cut wine and showing the potential range of wines from the winery.
This wine, from the Valle de Uco, Mendoza, combines Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Cabernet Franc, and has custody of 20 months in French oak barrels to achieve a wine of great [...]

CXV Cientoquince – La Rosa

September 22, 2010

In 2007 Bodegas La Rosa turned 115 years producing wines of quality. To celebrate this anniversary elaborate red Cientoquince CXV 2006, Premium Blend, especially limited departure raised for the occasion.
He was born a wine that surprised by his personality and style, distinguished among the best wines from Argentina, received the Gold Medal Competition VinoSub30 Cafayate [...]

Trivento Eolo Malbec – Trivento

September 22, 2010

Eolo received from Zeus the power to evoke or annul the winds. He governs them with absolute dominion, seizing and liberating them, engendering great changes in the heavens, on earth, and at sea. The Keeper of the Winds was seduced by the refuge at the northern edge of the Mendoza River in Luján de Cuyo, [...]

Semillón – Lagarde

September 22, 2010

Historically in Mendoza, it was common practice to blend red wine with 5% white in order to soften the wine and stabilise the colour and so they used to make an over-ripe Semillon for this purpose.
In 1975, The Pescarmona family took over Lagarde and found a 1.800 litre oak barrel of Nancy which contained a [...]

Martín Alsina – Finca La Chamiza

September 22, 2010

In 1918 Hurlingham won the Argentina Open Polo Championship, by that time in Europe, the Great War was ending. That same year, Don Martín Alsina founded La Chamiza State, a place where he could fulfill his dream of raising Polo horses. As time went by, this play field for friends became the place that, due [...]