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Atipax - Gabriel Braconi is the great winner of the contest My Wine Story. Congratulations!

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Lambrusco Maestri - Don Bosco is the story with more votes in Spanish.

Trapezio, the shape of our estate, the name of our wine is the story with more votes in English.

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Zentas – San Polo for Familia Masera Giol

September 30, 2010

Zentas is the meeting conducted by the Indians of the high mountain valleys to offer the fruits of their efforts and to thank Mother Earth for the blessings received in a life cycle governed by sun and moon. In this celebration, they performed the communion of the senses, the spirit, the earth, water and sky.
Masera [...]

Ala Negra – Corvus

September 30, 2010

ALA NEGRA is a project through which we aim to pay tribute to our ancestors who rooted deep in the history of colonization, evangelization and liberation of our country.
The label of Ala Negra is a wing of a black crow that symbolizes one of the five wings in the arms shield of the noble Corvalán [...]

El origen – Finca el Origen

September 30, 2010

After the formation of continents, 120 million years ago, part of the current Andes was under the sea. Today, they are still vestiges of that era, fossilized sediments in some vineyards in Mendoza to over 1000 meters high, thus perpetuating the origin of life, fossil ammonites are the silent witnesses of a fascinating past, Finca [...]

Las Perdices – Viña Las Perdices

September 30, 2010

When Don Juan Muñoz López arrived in this land to grow his vines and produce his own wine, he was astonished at the large number of partridges roaming here. One day, while walking through the “jarilla”, he discovered one of these birds sleeping. The partridge, hearing him approach, quickly flew away. A neighbouring farmer told [...]

Verum Patagonia – Del Río Elorza

September 30, 2010

As descendants of Europeans fond of the wine culture, we intend with this project to vindicate the tenacity of those who colonized Patagonia’s virgin lands, by proving that the “Alto Valle del Rio Negro” in Argentina is a privileged place for producing high quality wines. Therefore, Verum Patagonia is the combination of the genuine Patagonia’s [...]

Tukma – Tukma Winery

September 30, 2010 by Valeria Alonso

The native inhabitants of Northeastern Argentina called their land “Tukmanao” and their chief “Tukma.” In the 15th Century, when the region was under Inca occupation, great improvements were made in agricultural techniques. In the upcoming centuries, the Spaniards settled in the area bringing their own agricultural customs and the keen taste for one particular pleasure: wine.
Out [...]

Espiritu de Argentina

September 29, 2010

Espiritu de Argentina: the essence of Argentina. There is an interesting story behind this starting from a simple concept: What does the consumer associate with Argentina (or Argentineans)? From an exploratory research in 5 countries of relevance, the answers were Passion, Temperament, Pride, Freedom and Pleasure. This is reflected in the brand and label.
A strong [...]

Stradivarius – Casa Bianchi

September 29, 2010

Some years ago, Enzo Bianchi song of Valentín Bianchi´s founder and head winemaker of the winery, started this wine as a test using 100% of Cabernet Sauvignon in a “Blanc de Noir”.
“We founded these forgotten bottles in our sparkling cava and I realized the product was excellent and undoubtely extraordinary. I finally added the final dosification [...]

Reserva Cavagnaro – Cavagnaro

September 29, 2010

This wine is a tribute to all the men who fight for the importance of argentine viticulture in the world, specially my grandfather. Starting from scratch, he arrived from Italy in 1889 and founded two important wineries still in operation today.
In 1924, he was awarded by the Prince Umberto of Savoia the “Cavalliere of the [...]

Piuquenes – San Polo

September 29, 2010

Piuquenes are wild ducks living in the high valleys of the Andes and symbolize the free spirit that binds the land, water and the sky, filling with magic and glory those who see their flight in the clear Andean sky. Likewise, we seek to fill those who enjoy our wines with that spirit of freedom [...]

Tapiz – Tapiz Winery

September 29, 2010

A “tapiz” is an artisanal artwork that takes much time and labor to craft, where invisible threads are woven and form a mysterious piece for the uninitiated.  But behind this seemingly mysterious process is an idea, an overall vision and artistic sense. The same goes for wine.
Tapiz is the love of our people working with [...]

Caelum – Caelum Winery

September 28, 2010

CAELUM is a constellation from the southern hemisphere shaped by a group of stars that represent a chisel, the sculptor’s tool. And up in the sky, CAELUM reminds us that winemaking is an artisanal process that, as art, is in need of skills, work and passion.

Wiphala – Chakana

September 28, 2010

Chakana Wines  and Chakana NGO, a Dutch organization dedicated to sustainable agriculture projects in the Andes Highlands have developed Wiphala, a charity product devoted to raise funds for Andean aboriginals.
The name Wihpala was inspired by the legendary Andean flag with rainbow colors.
The root meaning of Chakana is “bridge”. The Wiphala label shows two halves: on [...]

Quieto – Monte Quieto

September 28, 2010

The project began in 2001 when we planted the vineyards with the birth of our son León. In 2003 we had our first harvest, along with Violeta. The winery was opened in 2004. In 2005 we achieved our first wine. In 2006, with the arrival of  Jacinta, we obtained our first Argentine Wine Awards medal. Antonia [...]

Sophenia Synthesis Malbec – Finca Sophenia

September 28, 2010

More than a story, I will try to put into words a feeling of life. To develop or create a wine profile is like having a child, and for those of us who are parents, we know what we’re talking about. It carries your own blood, starting with the name, which can not be decided [...]

Tracia – Finca del Enlace

September 28, 2010

My passion was to create wine evoking the most simple pleasures. I discovered history of a culture which shared these same sensations regarding the grape-vine.  The Tracians, guided by their god, Dionisius, connected the wine with each of their celebrations, battles,  songs and rituals.
Enjoyment, sharing and celebrating was what revolved around the TRACIAN life and [...]

Latente – Cuarto Surco

September 28, 2010

Restlessness, movement, the indescribable feeling that won´t leave you till it expresses itself…that´s LATENTE! The wines that come to fullfill our wish, to recover what we long for, to give us another view of the world of excellent Mendocinian wines.
That’s why it comes Cuarto Surco, and that’s why it comes LATENTE. Because we are not [...]

Auka – San Polo

September 28, 2010

Moon, sun, rivers, the life cycle of the braves, Aukas, sons of the land, owners of the high valleys of Cuyo, who fought to until their voices silenced.
Silence, time, wait, wind, water, vines, life cycle reborn, and our grapes pick up their beat to conceive in her entrails our wines which tell the story. Vines [...]

Thenel – Cavagnaro

September 27, 2010

Waiting for the harvest in February of 2004, I read the book: “The broken spear.”
A sudden storm came. Strong wind, rain, hail and then very large stones destroyed the crops, grapes, olives, trees. Everything was an absolute mess resulting in crops lost and all the sadness that one can feel in a moment like this.Calm [...]

Mendel – Mendel Wines

September 27, 2010

Mendel Wines has a problem: we have a quality fetish. It’s not the confession you expect from your winemakers, but acceptance is the first step towards recovery.
We are consumed by the need to watch over each and every detail. Days of agony are spent waiting for just the right moment of grape ripeness, then comes the hand-picking [...]