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Atipax - Gabriel Braconi is the great winner of the contest My Wine Story. Congratulations!

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Lambrusco Maestri - Don Bosco is the story with more votes in Spanish.

Trapezio, the shape of our estate, the name of our wine is the story with more votes in English.

Thanks to all the wineries that participated sending their wine stories and to the readers who voted them.

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Avarizza – Avarizza Winery

October 5, 2010

“Greed is the slippage of a person to what makes us go crazy”. Three years ago, this felling represents for us the creation of this Rose.
The passion for the introverted led us to fall in love with the aromas and color of the variety Canari.
We became so passionate about this jewel, that we decided to [...]

Tocando Cielo

October 5, 2010

They were separated dreams, until we saw each other. I used to work as winemaker in wineries, and he as designer creating labels and brands. One day we met each other and agreed on many things, such as having our own wine: an almost impossible dream. The way was and is very long, challenging but [...]

Zolo –Tapiz

October 5, 2010

When we bought the winery, back in 2003 my husband ask me to be in charge of it, because as a managing partner of a law firm in BA he couldn’t. So I took the challenge. Our friends keep telling my husband that he is a hero and an example for all of them because [...]

Wines between heaven and land – Finca Dinamia

October 5, 2010

In the dawn of organic viniculture of the Southern region of Mendoza, Buenalma is born together with Finca Dinamia. A project executed by lovers of the ecologic wines´ philosophy.
Buenalma is born from the union of good wine with men, the Earth and the universe. It is wine that awakens our state of consciousness because it reaches [...]

San Telmo Esencia – Navarro Correas

October 4, 2010

It is terroir and present time. Experience and authenticity. A wine with which we celebrate our roots as of two typically Argentine varietals: Malbec and Torrontés. Ideal to share and enjoy with the family and friends, talk quietly and with no haste, be touched and celebrate the simple fact of being together. SAN TELMO ESENCIA [...]

Siete Vacas – Las Arcas de Tolombón

October 4, 2010

The name we take the story of an old shepherd and shepherd who lived 50 years more than 3,000 meters high in the mountains.
During seven days the snowfall and the white wind devastated our place Yacomisky.  Some days before Domingo Guanca, our shepherd, dreamed that seven cows were following him in the snow, where nowadays [...]

Monte Cinco – Monte Cinco Winery

October 4, 2010

Monte Cinco is born from the need to continue with the dream of our Italian grandfather Pietro Francesco Bertona together with our passion and determination of producing the best wine. Hence, we started to outline at the end of 2002 and beginning of 2003 a project from a 85-year old vineyard located in Lujan de [...]

Extramuros Gran Reserve – Otero Ramos

October 4, 2010

All the passion and illusion for vintage season inspired us to grant identity to our Extramuros Grand Reserve.
Extramuros is born from the idea of the intense and careful labor performed outside the winery’s mures, in the vineyards of our lands. It reflects all the effort and hard work done to achieve only outstanding bunches.
Extramuros is [...]

Luna Roja – Ricardo Nicolás Gabardós

October 4, 2010

Everything began in february, 2008 in the Gentle Degustation of Wines that I realize in Mendoza Argentina, where I presented the brand of wines Red Moon, in honor to a musical topic of my favorite band of Rock, Soda Stereo.
In March, 2009 I acquired a variety of grape Syrah, from the Locality of Tres Porteñas. [...]

Conalbi Grinberg – Casa Vinícola

October 4, 2010

Gaudencio Magistocchi, an Italian descent, was the first winemaker who wrote and did research about wine in Argentina in order to be used in the agricultural school in 1933. One of the founders of Wine regulator, current INV. Great-grandchildren, Conalbi and Grinberg, wanted to represent on this label to that Italian culture installed in Mendoza [...]

Ichanka – Valle de la Puerta

October 4, 2010

Our range of wines is named after a small hamlet located on the estate; Ichanka, meaning ´Water of the Condor´. In the hamlet lies a natural spring that has been vital to the indigenous Diaguita communities of the valley for centuries. As the only natural water-supply for miles these pure filtered waters originate in the [...]

Portillo – Salentein

October 4, 2010

Portillo wines are named after the historic mountain pass linking the Andes mountains to the Valle de Uco. A crossing used by General San Martin in his Liberation quest and by scientist Charles Darwin. Nowadays, Portillo is also the gateway to the fascinating wines of Bodegas Salentein.

The High Stakes, and High Altitude Gamble – Jean Bousquet

October 4, 2010

3rd generation French winemaker Jean Bousquet bet that Tupungato was the best place in the world to make wine. He sold everything he had and moved here. It took years before his first vintage was ready,  but even that early wine was recognised by the critics for its quality. Now 13 years later Jean’s gamble [...]

Saurus – Familia Schroeder

October 4, 2010

Great findings breed great stories. Perhaps that’s why exceptional things don’t happen often. In Familia Schroeder we experienced it from the very beginning: When we started building the winery, fossils of a giant dinosaur that roamed Patagonia 75 million years ago, were found just two meters below the surface.
As an homage to this extraordinary find [...]

Cavas del 23 – Cavas del 23 Winery

October 1, 2010

In 2002 we settled down in Mendoza buying a 37 hectars vineyard. We bought later the winery, a relic built in 1923. We added technology but never forgot to take care of our  grape, wine is made  in our vineyards afterwards!
With big effort and creativity, this passion that started as a vinery made of mud and cane turned [...]

Sietefincas Secreto 2007 – Siete Fincas

October 1, 2010

Seven is a mysterious and magical number. Many aspects of human life are governed by this number. Seven is the number of the days of the week, those of which God took to create the earth, seven are the seas on the planet, seven are the musical notes… And seven are the lands in which [...]

Perpetuum – Gimenez Riili

October 1, 2010

In 1945 our grandfather Pedro planted the first family vineyard in Maipú. Our father Eduardo was born and raised there, working from the age of 4 in the vineyard and in the small artisan Winery: crushing by foot the grapes for two hours each day. 
We, the five sons of Eduardo Gimenez and Susana Riili inherited [...]

Malma, pride of Patagonia – NQN

October 1, 2010

There is a magical place where the landscape becomes flavour. That place is called San Patricio del Chañar, Neuquen .
We have made our dream come true: we have managed to pour the silence, the colour and the mistery of this distant valley into each malma´s  bottle. All that is made in the South, but it [...]

Agostino Finca – Finca Agostino

October 1, 2010

Sunny days, fresh air, sweet grapes. The young Agostino brothers loved to go visit grandpa Sebastiano while he was working in the vineyard. Sebastiano had a vision of his own on how the vines had to be taken care of. He believed the secret of a great wine was in the vineyard. He always said [...]

Trivento Amado Sur – Trivento

September 30, 2010

Ten thousand kilometres away from their native land, grapes from the Old World encountered generous sunshine and laborious hands at the foot of the Andes. In Mendoza, these grapes displayed their full potential, becoming the most cherished varieties of their new home, Argentina.
The romance between Mendoza and Malbec shines in this meticulous assemblage. Rediscovered Bonarda [...]