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Atipax - Gabriel Braconi is the great winner of the contest My Wine Story. Congratulations!

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Lambrusco Maestri - Don Bosco is the story with more votes in Spanish.

Trapezio, the shape of our estate, the name of our wine is the story with more votes in English.

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Crios – Dominio del Plata

October 8, 2010

At the end of the 90’s, Susana Balbo had her dream come true when she had her own winery built and gave birth to her Crios wines. Crios means offspring, it refers to the fact that Susana makes a rigorous selection of the finest barrels prior to making her final blends. The label shows 3 [...]

Newen – Del Fin del Mundo

October 7, 2010

Newen is the mapuche root of the word “Neuquén”, which means strength, energy and power.
The first inhabitants in this part of Patagonia called the river “Neuquén” because of the strength of the water flowing into the land from the Andes to the Atlantic Ocean. Later, the province took that name.
The energy is an irreplaceable factor [...]

Ventus – Del Fin del Mundo

October 7, 2010

The first vineyards planted in Neuquén constituted a great challenge for us. The wind was a hurdle we had underestimated. The strong and continuous wind was too much for the growing vines. Agronomists’ care, the latest technology and the dream of turning a desert into a fertile land, allowed us to overcome the problems we [...]

Viña Alicia Brote Negro Malbec – Viña Alicia  

October 7, 2010

This is a natural rarity detected in a very old  Malbec vineyard.  That is why we believe that it is a natural mutation of this variety as it was found within “Viña Alicia” Vineyard.
It is thought they are a genetic mutation from the original Malbec once grown there. The most salient characteristic at first glance [...]

Altos Las Hormigas Malbec – Altos Las Hormigas

October 7, 2010

Just as fine wine serves as a companion for special moments; our name has its origins in the moment it was created.
Our vineyard—which is today full of life, vineyards and a unique terroir—was originally a blank canvas.
One day, Alberto Antonini set out to walk through the Altos de Medrano vineyard, looked down and alongside his [...]

Palo Alto – Palo Alto Winery

October 6, 2010

According to the tradition, in the dry lands of Cruz de Piedra, in a Huarpe settlement, an old tree called Palo Alto was used as a watchtower since a lookout alerted these noble and peaceable indigenous people to the Araucanians’ arrival and raid. The time saved was vital to begin the retreat and avoid a [...]

Lambrusco Maestri – Don Bosco

October 6, 2010

According to the inhabitants of Rodeo del Medio, Maipú, it was only after the arrival of the Salesian priests a hundred years ago, that the Lambrusco Maestri grape variety started being grown in Mendoza. The first shoots were sent from Italy, together with the six bells that had been generously donated by the Italians to [...]

Finca Altamira – Achaval Ferrer

October 6, 2010

The pick up truck tread into an unpaved narrow pathway with the huge Andes standing behind as a huge backdrop.
He stopped, walked through the vines, which were dying, living only from the morning dew. While a pig was eating the grapes as if nothing happened, the screams between Death and Life were heard.
The ancient chesnuts [...]

Callejón del Crimen – Finca La Luz

October 6, 2010

Late at night, in the valley in Mendoza, the legend is told in whispers. It all began with a mysterious, unsolved crime in a place called “La Luz” a the end of a dead end street, where echoes of the mystery permeate through the cellar of our bodega. This is the inspiration for the name [...]

Finca Altorfer – Viñas Don Martin

October 6, 2010

The wonderful world of these wines begins in our vineyards, when in the year 2004, the family Altorfer, of Swiss origin, with great devotion for this industry and for developing and consolidating a prestigious company, decides to establish its ideals in the Mendoza territory, attracted by the incomparable beauty and the great wine potential of [...]

La Puerta – Valle de la Puerta

October 6, 2010

The Diaguita tribes of north-west Argentina populated the lands on which our estate is situated for centuries. One of the most lasting legacies of these communities is their artwork, often depicting their cosmological and mythological cultural beliefs, using images of allegorical significance such as condors, toads, pumas and serpents.
We have chosen the puma for the [...]

Colección Privada – Navarro Correas

October 6, 2010

It is Bodega Navarro Correas’ emblematic line. It was born with the idea of representing the art of winemaking, the bond Wine and Art have always had. That’s why since its creation, the wines integrating this line display works of art of prestigious Argentine artists who represented with them the spirit of the creation of [...]

Gritos:“the birth of new life” – Otero Ramos

October 6, 2010

All the illusion and the passion of the Otero Ramos Family for winemaking succeeded in materializing in their first wine after such hard work and devotion. Like parents seeking the most appropriate name for their newborn, that’s how we felt. GRITOS expresses the indescribable emotion of the birth of new life, this young and peculiar [...]

Duetto – Conalbi Grinberg Casa Vinícola

October 6, 2010

DUETTO  is the conjunction of the two surnames Conalbi and Grinberg, and was printed on a watermark designed by English architect William Morris operator of the Art and Craft in 1885, bringing together artisans of wood, iron, textile artists and other areas protecting them from the large scale production and low quality which then began [...]

Suipacha Reserve – Otero Ramos

October 5, 2010

“A burning desire for freedom channelled towards an achievement. This is how we, the artificers of this wine, feel. From its genesis to its fulfilment, the spirit of its makers bares the conviction of being capable of accomplishing what we wish with determination. This is how the heroes at the battle of Suipacha fathomed it. [...]

Structura Ultra – Navarro Correas

October 5, 2010

Bodega Navavro Correas’ maximum expression. A wine that shows the perfect harmony of a work conceived between the knowledge and being knowledgeable. And all this, joined to an enhancing vision, achieves maximum expression. A never ending puzzle where Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Merlot are superimposed in a unique manner. That’s how a wine with great [...]

CG Grand Reserve – Conalbi Grinberg Casa Vinícola

October 5, 2010

CG are the initials of Conalbi Grinberg joined by a bee that represents the effort, passion for what is done, high quality small-scale, team work, but also represents nature, the nobility, and the excellence. It is a symbol used throughout history by monarchs and esoteric and cabalah. Always meaning something extremely positive and good. This [...]

CarinaE – CarinaE Winery

October 5, 2010

CarinaE was created in 2003 when Brigitte and Philippe found a vineyard in Cruz de Piedra and rebuilt its abandoned winery.
Philippe is an amateur astronomer, so when they tried to find a name for the company and the brand, they naturally looked for it in the sky. That is how they choose the Carina constellation, [...]

Mano de Dios – Mano de Dios Winery

October 5, 2010

Jon Staenberg and Santiago Achaval, one of Argentina’s most celebrated winemakers, have teamed up to bring you Hand of God, a boutique winery in Mendoza, Argentina.
“Mano de Dios” was a unique moment in Argentine culture with their 1986 World Cup win. We are passionate about wine with the goal of making premium vintages as celebrated as [...]

Trapezio, the shape of our estate, the name of our wine

October 5, 2010

A estate, a winery, two willows, a lake, three dogs, four paths. Ten hectares of hopes and vineyards. Workers, good friends and a family with their feet on the ground, looking at the sky. In this small property of ten hectares with trapezium shape and surrounded by vineyards, we found our home and built our [...]