My Wine Story – Terms and conditions

  1. Purpose of the contest

    “My Wine Story” CONTEST, hereinafter referred to as the CONTEST, is organized by WineSur, hereinafter referred to as the ORGANIZER, domiciled at 9 de Julio 1485 – 4th Floor – (5500) Mendoza – Argentina, with the aim of encouraging the international promotion and dissemination of Argentine wines´ history.
    The term of effectiveness shall be from September 15th to October 15th of 2010, hereinafter referred to as the TERM. The ORGANIZER reserves the right to extend said term if deemed necessary, prior notice by posting on the Web or sending e-mails to the participants.

  2. Participants

    All domestic or foreign capital wineries, hereinafter referred to as the PARTICIPANTS, and located within the Argentine territory, shall be able to participate in this CONTEST.

  3. How to participate

    PARTICIPANTS should send the story of their wines in no more than 100 words via e-mail to [email protected], attaching the photo of the bottle or label.
    Each of the stories submitted by the PARTICIPANTS shall be posted in and on Facebook (Users: Wine Sur) and Twitter (Username: @winesur), and the most voted one shall win the CONTEST.
    Any attempt or method of participation in the CONTEST that is made by any process, technique or mechanics differently as from the ones established under these terms and conditions shall be prohibited and therefore canceled.
    Additionally, stories must be creative, innovative and make reference to the name, time and reason of elaboration, or any other content that is directly related to the history of their wines.
    Any misrepresentation or irregularity in the data provided or in the narration shall lead to exclusion from participation in the CONTEST.

  4. Prize winner

    The most voted PARTICIPANT (as described in Section 2) shall win a free year microsite in Wine Sur.

  5. How to conduct the CONTEST

    The ORGANIZER shall post in Wine Sur website ( and through Facebook and Twitter, all the stories that meet the requirements of our CONTEST.
    Data from each of the votes shall be public and the information will be seen at the bottom of each story. At the end of the CONTEST, the story that receives the most votes wins. In the case of tied scores, the same award shall be given to each PARTICIPANT.

  6. Notification of results to the winner

    The ORGANIZER shall publish on the website the PARTICIPANT who receives the majority of the votes and thus has been the winner. The PARTICIPANT shall also be contacted via e-mail within 5 working days from the date of completion.
    If the ORGANIZER does not receive a response from the winner within 7 working days from the date of completion, the next contestant shall be contacted in the same way, based on the order of voting.

  7. Acceptance of the CONTEST terms

    Participation in this CONTEST implies acceptance of the foregoing terms and conditions and all the decisions taken by the ORGANIZER, according to law, on any issue not covered herein.

  8. Any tax in connection with the awards and each amount respective to national, provincial, municipal or state authorities rising from the awards shall be paid by the winner, as well as the expenses incurred for transportation when collecting the prize.
  9. The award winner authorizes the ORGANIZER, as a condition for entitlement to the assignment of the prize thereof, to publicize their names, documents, addresses, voices, images, and those of their family, for commercial purposes, in the media and in all the forms disposed by the ORGANIZER for the term of 3 (three) years as from completion of the promotion, having no right to compensation whatsoever.
  10. No purchase or payment of any consideration is necessary to enter this CONTEST.