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Atipax - Gabriel Braconi is the great winner of the contest My Wine Story. Congratulations!

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Lambrusco Maestri - Don Bosco is the story with more votes in Spanish.

Trapezio, the shape of our estate, the name of our wine is the story with more votes in English.

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Boutique winery from 1.921 – Clos de Chacras

October 18, 2010

Its founder Bautista Gargantini was from the swiss canton of Ticino and he eagerly took on the winery to continue the legacy left by his father: to explore and to work in the noble land of Mendoza, highlighting the best of it.
For reasons of fate (perhaps?) today Clos de Chacras is owned by the granddaughter [...]

Earth First – Tres Wines

October 18, 2010

With my friends, we use to gather at the First Tuesday’s “Asado”, a men-only monthly event where we discuss Argentine politics, economy, and (of course) soccer. A couple of us decided to start a project that could put together every one of our values, and that would eventually be our ideal job.
The project, Tres Wines, [...]

Kóoch: the myth comes alive – Universo Austral

October 18, 2010

Before the creation of this austral paradise called Patagonia, this place was surrounded by darkness and its only resident was Kóoch, a lonely God that lived in the shadows. He was so lonely that one day he started to cry, and his cry was so deep an intense that he formed the oceans, and then [...]

Calafate: fruit of the Patagonian Earth – Universo Austral

October 15, 2010

The Tehuelche’s traditions tell that the Chief of the tribe had a beautiful daughter called Calafate, and he really loved her. But one day an young men from another tribe came into the Chief’s community, and he and Calafate fall in love.
The father of Calafate was against this relation, so he asked for help to [...]

Don Quinto – Bodega Don Quinto

October 15, 2010

As a kid I used to visit the farm of my grandfather, Quinto Pirán, man Medrano winemaker in Mendoza. During these years, Lino Puppato, my father worked as a winemaker at Bodega de Ramón Puppato, my other grandfather, which was only a few meters from my house.
Inspired by my experiences and the legacy of my [...]

New Age – Casa Bianchi

October 15, 2010

New Age was born in 1995 when the Bianchi family winery was already 67 years old, having some flagship traditional wines such as Enzo Bianchi and Don Valentin Lacrado. The third generation of the family struggled to convince the second to create a new type of wine targeted to young people, with bubbles and a [...]

Punto Final – Renacer

October 15, 2010

Looking for the name for your first wine could be as difficult as deciding when it´s time to stop trying and say “this is the one”. For us, both findings came together. Our Punto Final wines are blends from different Malbecs of different terroirs, so after a long time of tasting and trying different blends, we [...]

Enamore – Renacer

October 15, 2010

Enamore is a wine made together with the Allegrini family from Veneto – Italy, by applying the “appasimento” technique to local grape varieties, producing an “Amarone- style” wine. When it was time to name the wine, the renowned Italian wine producer Marilisa Allegrini thought of it as an almost perfect anagram of Amarone (Enamore). The [...]

Navarro Correas Spakling Wines – Navarro Correas

October 14, 2010

Elegant, fresh and of great quality, the sparkling wines of Bodega Navarro Correas are 100% produced with the two best “noble” varietals: Pinot Noir, which gives it structure and body, and Chardonnay, which provides its elegance and freshness. Versatile and subtle, they were conceived to be enjoyed at all times, mainly in those nice moments [...]

Cuatro Primos – Familia Mayol

October 14, 2010

Our winery is a family business. The label and name for our blend Cuatro Primos truly reflect this. The blend consists of four varietals- Malbec, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Bonarda- from our vineyards in Lujan de Cuyo, Tupungato and Vista Flores. When we were thinking about the name for it, there were four cousins in [...]

Alberti 154 – Calle Winery

October 14, 2010

Elvira Calle was the most significant Mendozan woman of the twentieth century. We had the privilege of creating her winery.
The project is carried out in a small winery, built with a colonial villa. The place is charming, and the wine is christened with the address of the winery, Alberti 154.
Although not everything was easy in [...]

Alegoria Gran Reserva – Navarro Correas

October 12, 2010

It was born from imagination, from pursuing dreams. As a constant search for improvement and balance, between nature and the hand of man, who co-exist in harmony and join in order to offer the best. ALEGORIA GRAN RESERVA is the great work that introduces Bodega Navarro Correas’s ideal. It is the translation to the real [...]

D’autor – Santa Faustina

October 12, 2010

Once graduated like winemaker I travelled to Piemonte – Italy to make an specialization about red wines, there I had the opportunity to know author wines.
Then I came back to Argentina and took this name myself. In 1999 with Peter Weinert my husband, we began to make wines called Santa Faustina, but  during the harvest 2004 we produced  Malbec 74% & [...]

The President’s Blend – Escorihuela

October 12, 2010

During the late 1940’s President Juan Domingo Perón and his wife Evita earned a reputation for their magnificent dinners. President’s Perón affection for red wine was not a secret, nor was his fondness for the Carcassone fine red wine Escorihuela’s best at the time and one of his favorite for special moments. Yet, the composition [...]

Los Árboles – Navarro Correas

October 12, 2010

In the vineyards, trees are used as a protection barrier for the grapes against the strong Zonda wind, which comes down from the mountain. An ideal shelter for the vine. A perfect name for a young and fresh wine of Bodega Navarro Correas. Born from selected grapes that come from areas where nature and the [...]

Postales – Del Fin del Mundo

October 12, 2010

Wine is much more than just a kind of beverage. Wine means moments shared, memories and emotions.
Wine makes you remember and takes you to different places. That is why we wanted to create a wine that speaks about the place it was born. We wanted to produce a wine that carries Patagonia under its skin, [...]

Climax Malbec 2008 – Zorzal Wines

October 8, 2010

Bodies, excitement, red, floating, aromas, silence and whispers. Climax!. The highest point in a growing career. What’s next? Only memories of that moment, perhaps the search lasted an eternity. Climax.
What other explanation can be the perfect wine. Or, thought of something else??
Climax Malbec 2008. Malbec pure, full-bodied, deep red, intense aromas. Thereafter. Silence, whispers. Climax!

Terrasur – Terrasur Winery

October 8, 2010

There´s a special combination of soil, water, sun, climate and our work that gives to the wine its special characteristics, that is terroir, this unique combination is our TERRA.
In this land we produce wines that show its varietal character and it freshness. Those that allow us to dive into the deep sea of senses, those [...]

Trapiche Malbec Single Vineyard – Trapiche

October 8, 2010

When we started our Single Vineyard Malbec Project  in 2005, which has turned into a wonderful story, each year we choose from amongst all the Malbec  growers, three of the best wines .
Working with over 90 Malbec winegrowers has shown us that there are different ways to take care of a vineyard, each one of [...]

Del Fin del Mundo – Del Fin del Mundo Winery

October 8, 2010

Once upon a time a dreamer believed that magnificent wines could be produced in a desert. They called him crazy, but nothing stopped him. He travelled all around the world to learn about a kind of business that was real in his head.
He asked an expert what she thought about the place he came from. [...]