Wine Magic

Wine Magic

“On a nice afternoon, a couple of Canadian ladies and a young man came to visit our winery. Having finished the visit I remarked on the boy´s great Spanish. “We lived in Mexico” he said. Then he asked me if I had ever been there and I said “No, but I won a couple of tickets to Cancun. However, I don´t think I`ll able to go.”
“You must go, but not in October. It is hurricane season. You should go on the first week of November.” I asked why the first week of November was the best week and she said “Because my house is free those days and I’d be delighted to have you as a guest”.

The wine business works in mysterious ways. In just a short visit this lady lent me her fairy tale house on the edge of the Turtle Bay in Akumal. I call this wine magic.”
Carolina Fuller

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Winery name: Bodega Tapiz
Province: Mendoza

Malbec Top Desing
Black Tears
Spirit of  the Andes
Zolo Reserva Malbec

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Zolo - Tapiz