What wine tells

What wine tells

It was like any other afternoon in Maipú with José Baquero, “Pepe”.

I remember it with perfect nostalgia. 3pm in the afternoon, not a breeze in the air, Pepe was wearing a white shirt buttoned up to his neck. The old man put his bronze magnifying glass over the vineyards during harvest. As the good chess player he was, he waited expectantly.

“It is going to be a good year” he said. And without looking at me, he added “Wine talks about what made it possible. Everything has a soul, boy: flowers, mountains, that cloud over there. The landscape that surrounds people marks their personality; it leaves a scar on their minds, on their way of working and understanding life. It took me a long time to find my place. When you try this vintage, I hope you can find in it a living being that tells you about your land, about yourself, about a nap in March”.

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Winery Name: Bodega Baquero
Province: Mendoza