Tonel 22, Blessing

Tonel 22, Blessing

In 1945, the post-war crisis brought financial chaos and desolation, and everything was heading for a loss of production. To renew hope, Los Toneles winery called the local bishop, who blessed the establishment invoking the protection of the Virgin of Carrodilla, Patron Saint of Vineyards. The ceremony was officiated on the cask 22 (naming the wine inside it: Tonel 22), and since then this wine was the winery’s hottest product.

The activity of Los Toneles continued thanks to Tonel 22, which allowed the balance of the company while the activity was extended to the whole production, and adverse conditions were overcome. Since then, aided by the popular myth, this wine encloses the mysticism of progress; it is taken with devotion to consecrate the projects and leave their fate to faith.

Tonel 22 is a symbol of prosperity, and offering of all projects under faith.

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Winery Name: Bodega Los Toneles
Province: Mendoza

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Toneles Malbec Gran Reserva
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